2010 Naperville Central Tournament of Roses

Tournament Information

Date: 12/11/2010
Tournament Location: Naperville, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Wheaton Warrenville South   
3.    Neuqua Valley   
4.    Belleville West   
5.    Hinsdale Central

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Colleen Derosa and Stephanie Flowers    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Joey Kim and Julia Rabin    (Neuqua Valley)
3.    Elise Mathews and Jordan Habel    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
4.    Kristian Jardee and Reanne Rucker    (Belleville West)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Joey Kim    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Emily Woods    (Belleville West)
3.    Colleen Derosa    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Laura Skow    (Wheaton North)
5.    Cody Essien    (Belleville West)
6.    Claire Fey    (Glenbard West)
F.    Jack McFarlane    (York)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sam Niiro    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Milap Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Bailey Armstrong    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
4.    Eli Bernstein    (Belleville West)
5.    Ed Roberge    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Patrick Kelly    (Glenbard West)
F.    Melissa Lee-Litowitz    (Glenbrook North)
F.    Johnny Behrens    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Joe Shayani    (Hinsdale Central)

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Brad Weeder and Erin Ryan    (Wheaton North)
2.    Billy Chengary and Michele McCarthy    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Danny Gonzalez and Nico Danilovich    (Wheaton North)
4.    Alissa Wicklein and Suban Suhail    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Becca Zeman and John Junk    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Abi Glasser and Laura Fuechsl    (Wheaton North)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Jodi Snyder    (Glenbrook North)
2.    Andreas Tsironis    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Michelle Stuhlmacher    (Wheaton North)
4.    Grace Carey    (Glenbard West)
5.    Claire Drews    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Andrew Marr    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    David Felts    (Belleville West)
F.    Megan Orticelli    (Glenbrook North)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Amy Bauer    (Wheaton North)
2.    Ed Roberge    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Ben Vanderlei    (West Chicago H.S.)
4.    Krishna Bathina    (Metea Valley)
5.    Morgan Brown    (Oswego East)
6.    Sam Niiro    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Lindsey Bergholz    (Hinsdale Central)

Informative Speaking
1.    Joy Dhar    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Hamsini Rao    (Glenbard West)
3.    Stephanie Flowers    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Renata Wettermann    (Fremd)
5.    Mia McClintic    (Oswego East)
6.    Elizabeth Davies    (Fremd)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Kristian Jardee    (Belleville West)
2.    Vondell Burns    (Belleville West)
3.    Rachel Poe    (Wheaton North)
4.    Shawn Anaya    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5.    Amita Prabhu    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
6.    Emma Gotter    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Stephanie Sommers    (Neuqua Valley)
F.    Maddie Mitchell    (Hinsdale Central)

Original Comedy
1.    Emily Woods    (Belleville West)
2.    Danny Gonzalez    (Wheaton North)
3.    David Felts    (Belleville West)
4.    Alissa Wicklein    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Corey Fyock    (Oswego East)
6.    Alex Bahaveolos    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Andreas Tsironis    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    John Junk    (Downers Grove South)

Original Oratory
1.    Harita Joshi    (Fenton)
2.    Elizabeth Kang    (Metea Valley)
3.    Patrick Kelly    (Glenbard West)
4.    Nicole Knoepfle    (Metea Valley)
5.    Ellen Coatney    (Wheaton North)
6.    Sruthi Rao    (Neuqua Valley)

Poetry Reading

1.    Myesha Harris    (Belleville West)
2.    Thalia Fernandez    (West Chicago H.S.)
3.    Claire Drews    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Laura Skow    (Wheaton North)
5.    Kelsey Sante    (Neuqua Valley)
6.    Becca Zeman    (Downers Grove South)
F.    Emma Rubenstein    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Prose Reading
1.    Julia Rabin    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Ken Notter    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Matt Ingram    (Belleville West)
4.    Kelly Potts    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5    Laura Nelson    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Lauren Jones    (Belleville West)
F.    Cece Grisolia    (York)

Radio Speaking
1.    Lily Zhu    (Warren Township)
2.    Erin C. Walsh    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Taylor Rasmussen    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Jordan Habel    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
5.    Elizabeth Davies    (Fremd)
6.    Michelle Gorecki    (Fremd)
F.    Caroline Dusenberry    (Neuqua Valley)
F.    Taha Zafar    (Schaumburg H.S.)
F.    Chinmay Vaidya    (Metea Valley)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Kaveri Sharma    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Joy Dhar    (Neuqua Valley)
3.    Claire Drews    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Amanda Mawrence    (Glenbrook North)
5.    Betsy Philipose    (Glenbard West)
6    Priyanka Kanal    (Fremd)
F.    Laura Zimmermann    (Metea Valley)
F.    Katie Szajkovics    (Warren Township)

Next-In Final Results

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Audriana Marion and Matt Ingram    (Belleville West)
2.    Billy Chengary and Michele McCarthy    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Dan Cassin and Maddie Mitchell   (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Kristin Bronersky and Monique Brigham    (Neuqua Valley)
5.    Angela Bacaling and Molly Triveline    (Warren Township)
6.    Megan Orticelli and Nathan Salstone    (Glenbrook North)
F.    Kaylee Moeslein and Tyler Murley    (Downers Grove South)


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