2010 Lincoln Jr. High Speech Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Plymouth, IN


Tournament Results


1.    Lincoln   
2.    Stanley Clark School   
3.    St. Paul   
4.    Emerson VPA   
5.    Columbia Middle School

1.    Evan Todd    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Haley Mills    (Lincoln)
3.    John Hunter    (Lincoln)
4.    Garrick Nate    (Lincoln)
5.    Kelsey Knight    (Columbia Middle School)
6.    David Popoola    (Stanley Clark School)

1.    Emma Trappe    (Lincoln)
2.    Maddy Deisch    (Lincoln)
3.    Grace Cupka    (Lincoln)
3.    Jake Marohn    (Lincoln)
3.    Aidan Reilly    (Stanley Clark School)
4.    Lisa Otto    (Lincoln)
5.    Michael Alvarez    (Columbia Middle School)
6.    Megan Sutton    (Lincoln)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Billy Yogan    (St. Paul)
2.    Jessica Ballard    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Andi Breitowich    (Stanley Clark School)
4.    Mary Landry    (Stanley Clark School)
5.    Erin Thomas    (St. Paul)
6.    Clair Migliore    (Stanley Clark School)

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Alex Jeffirs and Sarah Tanner    (Lincoln)
2.    Elvin Uthuppan and Nina Hartman    (St. Paul)
3.    Billy Yogan and Erin Thomas    (St. Paul)
4.    Kylee Rippy and Max Holloway    (Lincoln)
5.    Allie Tharp and Gabby Garver    (Lincoln)
6.    Isabela and Lilly    (Stanley Clark School)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Partrick Azar    (St. Paul)
2.    Emily Beach    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Maggie Phillips    (Lincoln)
4.    Mary Cobble    (St. Paul)
5.    Meghan Egierski    (Lincoln)
6.    Eric Burch   (Lincoln)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Erin Luck    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Brantlee Joseph    (Lincoln)
3.    Layne Holloway    (Lincoln)
4.    Zoe Parker    (Canterbury)
5.    Dupree Price    (Emerson VPA)
6.    Ian Bardwell    (Lincoln)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jacob Sherman    (St. Paul)
2.    Emma Mazurek    (St. Paul)
3.    Jennifer Gough    (St. Paul)
4.    David Schena    (Stanley Clark School)
5.    Abbey Kaser    (Stanley Clark School)
6.    Garrick Nate   (Lincoln)

Original Oratory
1.    Sam Sturtevant    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Nicole Gorman    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Max Behrend    (St. Paul)
4.    Kylee Rippy    (Lincoln)
5.    Daniel Goodman    (Stanley Clark School)
6.    Dupree Price    (Emerson VPA)

Poetry Reading
1.    Kalee Lowry    (Lincoln)
1.    Leigh VanRyn    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Emma Mazurek    (St. Paul)
3.    Kate Brogan    (St. Paul)
4.    Channing Scott    (Stanley Clark School)
5.    Colleen Schena    (Stanley Clark School)
6.    Livy Crim    (St. Paul)

Prose Reading
1.    Brooke Strickland    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Isabela Nanni    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Ben Schmidt    (St. Paul)
4.    Lauren Deisch    (Lincoln)
5.    Olivia Little    (Columbia Middle School)
6.    Alex Jeffirs    (Lincoln)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Curtis Smith    (Lincoln)
2.    Ian Havens    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Brantlee Joseph    (Lincoln)
4.    Layne Holloway    (Lincoln)
5.    Livy Crim    (St. Paul)
6.    Christian Sayers    (St. Paul)


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