2010 IDEA/NJFL Middle School National Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 06/24/2010
Team-School In Charge: Main Host: Dowling Catholic High School; Secondary Host: Callanan Middle School; Tertiary Host: Merrill Middle School
Tournament Location: Des Moines, Iowa


Events Offered:
Dramatic Interpretation
Domestic Extemporaneous
Foreign Extemporaneous
Humorous Interpretation
Original Oratory
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Policy Debate
Public Forum Debate
Student Congress Debate
Other Events Offered:
T.V. Commercial

Tournament Results

Sweeps Overall

Clay MS, IN (Sylvia Hyde)

Northwest Jr., IA (Kathleen Hession)

Sidney Lanier MS, TX (Franz Hill)

Circle of Champions

Policy Debate: (Capitol Debate, MD) Devansh Srivastura and Michael Koo

Congressional Debate: (Sidney Lanier MS, TX) Peter Oathout

Lincoln Douglas Debate: (St. Louis Park, MN) Naomi Whitney-Hirschmann

Public Forum Debate: (Co-Champs Harker MS, CA) Ardash Battu, Arjun Kumar, Claudia Tischler, Shilpa Yarlgadda

Prose Interpretation: (Milton Academy MS, MA) Claire Russell

Poetry Interpretation: (Rowan County MS, KY) Bridget Kim

Humorous Interpretation: (Northwest Junior HS, IA) Scott Diekema

Dramatic Interpretation: (Sky Academy, KY) Caroline Ford

Impromptu Speaking: (Milton Academy MS, MA) Sarah Muse

Extemporaneous Speaking: (Sidney Lanier MS, TX) Gregory Ross

Original Oratory: (Sky Academy, KY) Caroline Ford

Duo Interpretation: (Raymore-Peculiar MS, MO) Bobby Turnbough and Nicole Hickok

Declamation: (Sidney Lanier MS, TX) Willow Curry

Schools of Excellence (Speech)

Milton Academy MS, MA (Debbie Simon)

Ockerman MS, KY (Kathy Bacelieri)

Rowan County MS, KY (Kellie Crump)

Sidney Lanier MS, TX (Franz Hill)

The Pike School, MA (Bob Hutchings)

Schools of Excellence (Debate)

Capitol Debate, MD (Ron Bratt)

Kugnus ACTS, NJ (Keem Sunguk)

Sidney Lanier MS, TX (Franz Hill)

The Harker School, CA (Steve Clemmons)

The Kincaid School, TX (Eric Emerson and Kyle Morris)

Public Forum Debate Champions

(Harker Middle) Adarsh Battu and Arjun Kumar AND (Harker Middle) Claudia Tischler and Shilpa Yarlagadda 

Lincoln Douglas Debate Champion

(St. Louis Park) Naomi Whitney-Hirschmann (Neg) defeated (Kinkaid) Judson Dunaway-Barlow

2-1 Chen, Lucy / Clemmons, Steve

Policy Debate Top Ten Speakers

1. Nikita Datta (Capitol Debate DH)

2. Michael Koo (Capitol Debate SK)

3. Devansh Srivastava (Capitol Debate SK)

4. Steven Kwon (Kugnus ACTS KP)

5. Ali Jamal (Kinkaid CJ)

6. Ramya Harshavardhan (Capitol Debate DH)

7. Rikki Bleiweiss (Kinkaid BR)

8. Starr Arroyo (Bronx School for Law, BA)

9. Ashley Cabrera (Bronx School for Law, CG)

10. Amber Chen (Kinkaid CJ)

Policy Debate Champions

(Capitol Debate) Devansh Srivastava and Michael Koo(Aff) defeated (Kugnus ACTS) Steven Kwon and Sungbae Park

3-0 Trzynka, Robert / McCabe, Liz / Stevens, Kristen


1. Willow Curry (Sidney Lanier MS)

2. Marina Finley (Sidney Lanier MS)

3. Anna Hoyt (Union Colony Schools)

4. Clayton Edwards (Ockerman MS)

5. Samantha McMillan (Ockerman MS)

6. Neil Chandra (Milton Academy MS)

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Caroline Ford (Sky Academy)

2. Clayton Edwards (Ockerman MS)

3. Bridget Kim (Rowan County MS)

4. Colin Waters (Ockerman MS)

5. Lydia Brooks (Ockerman MS)

6. Izzie Thaxton (Rowan County MS)

Duo Interpretation

1. Bobby Turnbough and nicole Hickok (Raymore-Peculiar MS)

2. Zachary Raleigh and Bri-Anna Berry (Ockerman MS)

3. Liz Kasselmann and Colin Waters (Ockerman MS)

4. Jack Karle and Rubye Peyser (Milton Academy MS)

5. Lily Norton and Andrew Wilson (Brentwood Academy)

6. Zhahn Gonzalez and Logan Schoessel (Raymore-Peculiar MS)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. (TIE) Lilly Nellans Callanan (Middle School) AND Gregory Ross (Sidney Lanier MS)

3. Sam Thomas (Ockerman MS)

4. Adem Sengal (Sidney Lanier MS)

5. Gabriel Levine (Sidney Lanier MS)

6. Megan Armstrong (Rowan County MS)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Scott Diekema (Northwest Junior HS)

2. Colin Waters (Ockerman MS)

3. Paul Curry (Northwest Junior HS)

4. Bri-Anna Berry (Ockerman MS)

5. Megan Armstrong (Rowan County MS)

6. Clayton Edwards (Ockerman MS)


1. Sarah Muse (Milton Academy MS)

2. (TIE) Jinah Kim (Sidney Lanier MS) AND Sam Thomas (Ockerman MS)

4. Minh-Anh Day (Milton Acadmey MS)

5. Amy Corman (The Pike School)

6. George Gu (The Pike School)

Original Oratory

1. Caroline Ford (Sky Academy)

2. Simar Puri (Northwest Junior HS)

3. Darian Bhathena (The Pike School)

4. (TIE) Cameron Kerry (The Pike School) AND Meera Bhan (The Pike School)

6. Stacy Tsai (West Hills MS)


1. Bridget Kim (Rowan County MS)

2. Zach Ramey (Rowan County MS)

3. Michelle Massa (Sidney Lanier MS)

4. Julia Gensheimer (Sky Academy)

5. (TIE) Darian Bhathena (The Pike School) AND Jolie Sherman (West Hills MS)


1. Claire Russell (Milton Academy MS)

2. Lydia Brooks (Ockerman MS)

3. Neil Chandra (Milton Academy MS)

4. Sophia Arena (Sidney Lanier MS)

5. Jeremy Stewart (Ribet Academy)

6. Jesse Martinez (Milton Academy MS)


1. Peter Oathout

2. Luke Shoebotham

3. Levi Debose

4. (TIE)Judson Dunaway-Barlow AND Amber Chen AND Tyler Gamble


1. Dylan Dickens

2. Rikki Bleiweiss

3. Louis Thomas

4. Aurelio Ayala

5. Ali Jamal

6. Andy Gordon

Congressional Debate Final Chamber

1. Rikki Bleiweiss

2. Peter Oathout

3. Tyler Gamble

4. Luke Shoebotham

5. Dylan Dickens

6. Ali Jamal


*Results taken from the Joy of Tournaments information page of the tournament.  For a summary of Storytelling and T.V. Commercial, check the "Registration Link" on the left.*


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