2010 GlenOak Novice Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 10/30/2010
Tournament Location: Canton, OH


Tournament Results


1. Perry   
2. Jackson H.S.   
3. Stow   
4. Centerville   
5. TIE Wooster AND Louisville

2-Person Policy Debate
1. Jonathan Velasquez and Joseph Gorman (Wooster)
2. Andy Hall and Michael Moreck (Louisville)
3. Corey Anderson and Shane Zabel (Perry)
4. Hans Qu and Seokhyeon Ryu (Wooster)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Hannah Montgomery    (Canton McKinley)
2. Ty Frank    (Perry)
3. Madison Chapanar    (Perry)
4. Liz Reinick    (North Canton Hoover)
5. Caitin Mosley    (Stow)
6. Lydia Benson    (Stow)

Duo Interpretation
1. Kasi Karr and Liz Kittner    (River View)
2. Jackson Groat and Zack Manthey    (Stow)
3. Jacob Voegle and James Satrape    (North Canton Hoover)
4. Alondra Kimbrough and Caylin Millberry    (Canton McKinley)
5. Alexis Klaiber and Garrett Janson    (Perry)
6. Katie Shaw and Kelsey Shawgo    (Southeast H.S.)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Emily Basso    (Louisville)
2. Gabe Reed    (Wadsworth)
3. Elizabeth Girvin    (Centerville)
4. Eric Roytman    (Centerville)
5. Kole Chaney    (Perry)
6. Allison Blocher    (Perry)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Meredith Taylor    (Highland)
2. David O'Connell    (Centerville)
3. Sara Weller    (Canton Central Catholic)
4. Sunny Patel     (Jackson H.S.)
5. Sam Kibler    (Louisville)
6. Joey Phillips    (Wadsworth)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Abhishek Bhargava (Jackson H.S.)
2. Ryan Benger     (Jackson H.S.)
3. Joe Fahmy     (Jackson H.S.)
4. Shane Stockall    (Perry)
5. Micah Johnson     (Jackson H.S.)
6. Brooke Hisrich    (GlenOak)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1. Abby Lyall    (Jackson H.S.)
2. Emily Grubbs    (GlenOak)
3. Drake Withers    (Highland)
4. Dominick Batchi    (Perry)
5. Nathan White    (Jackson H.S.)
6. Lindsay Patyak    (Medina)

Oratorical Interpretation
1. Jared Sparks    (Perry)
2. Nisha Nanavaty    (Centerville)
3. Erin Criss    (Perry)
4. Abby Zalenski    (Jackson H.S.)
5. Meagan Manfull    (Louisville)
6. Stephanie Haught    (Wooster)

Original Oratory
1. Mary Pyper    (Stow)
2. Morgan Craig    (Perry)
3. Sarah Lyons    (Wooster)
4. Rose Milnes     (Jackson H.S.)
5. Erin Moore    (Perry)
6. Meghan Vodopich    (Perry)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1. Gabi Fatzinger    (North Canton Hoover)
2. Mack Sommers    (North Canton Hoover)
3. Mckayla Morris    (North Canton Hoover)
4. Brittany Rimmel    (North Canton Hoover)
5. Meghan Murray    (Highland)
6. Chandni Chandiramari    (Centerville)

Public Forum Debate

1. Aaron Markowitz and Zander Onders    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
2. Anna McGroarty and Josiah DePaoli    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
3. Lucas Burris and Nico Hayward-Lara    (Wooster)
4. Brian Haberfield and Kyle Grigsby    (Medina)
5. Gina Mendicino and Veronica Toth    (Medina)
6. Sarah Kaletta and Sydney Alvarez    (Medina)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Claire Kendig    (Perry)
2. Nick Frase    (Wooster)
3. Jesse Wiles    (Wooster)
4. Jacqueline Slusser    (Canton McKinley)
5. Derrek Boland    (Louisville)
6. Hayden Smith    (Perry)


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