2010 Elkhart Central Winter Speech Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 12/11/2010
Tournament Location: Elkhart, IN


Tournament Results

Novice Broadcasting
1.    Mikaela Meyer    (Chesterton)
2.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
3.    Caleb Dehning    (Culver Community)
4.    Dalia Cao    (Culver Academies)
4.    James Tarr    (North Side)
6.    Baylee Tuggle    (Culver Academies)
F.    Haley Paton    (Plymouth)
F.    Linda Gong    (Penn)

Novice Discussion
1.    Brendan Short    (Marian High School)
2.    Stephen Stachofsky    (North Side)
3.    Nick Flory    (Marian High School)
4.    Nick Bachewicz    (Culver Academies)
5.    Carlie Yancey    (Concord)
6.    Angela Kirori    (Marian High School)
F.    HENry Meserow    (Culver Academies)
F.    Pat O'Brien    (La Porte High School)

Novice Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Ellen Smith    (Plymouth)
2.    Katelyn Hartsell    (Plymouth)
3.    Tania Cordova    (Munster High School)
4.    Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
5.    Shannon Richards    (Elkhart Central)
6.    David Watts    (Munster High School)
F.    Cristina Mcneiley    (Munster High School)
F.    Haley Paton    (Plymouth)

Novice Duo Interpretation (Memorized)
1.    Tiffany Troumouliaris and Valerie Niemiec    (Munster High School)
2.    Briana Gantz and Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
3.    Ashley Wenzel and Hallie Peilet    (Munster High School)
4.    Cassidy Schwartz and Emily Bochnowski    (Munster High School)
5.    Angie Mercado and Jessica Midgley    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Ellie Mellin and Kaylee Oates    (Chesterton)
F.    Caroline Koenig and Dan Azar    (Valparaiso)

Novice Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Akhilesh Mishra and David Watts    (Munster High School)
2.    Cody Langdon and Dalton VanDusen    (Plymouth)
3.    Ellen Smith and Tyler Wagner    (Plymouth)
4.    Carl Jacobson and Naomi Johnston    (Elkhart Central)
5.    Eashan Kumar and Rachel Ruffalo    (Munster High School)
6.    Erika Kirgios and Jeremy Starkweather    (Penn)
F.    Andrew Youst and Markee Farler    (Plymouth)
F.    Aerisa Ahn and Erica Oosterhoff    (Culver Academies)

Novice Humorous Interpretation
1.    Nick Siano    (Munster High School)
2.    Christine Beckmann    (Plymouth)
3.    Hayden Wolfe    (Plymouth)
4.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
5.    Kate Peters    (Plymouth)
6.    Todd Newton    (Culver Academies)
F.    Tom Heitz    (Munster High School)
F.    Freddie Williams    (North Side)

Novice Impromptu Speaking

1.    Rathnam Venkat    (Munster High School)
2.    Chenyere Franklin    (Culver Academies)
3.    Ben Hochstetler    (Bethany Christian)
4.    Rachel Hacha    (Plymouth)
5.    Jordan Berger    (Culver Academies)
6.    Paige Wheeler    (Bethany Christian)
F.    Tasha Schuster    (Concord)
F.    Timmy Wireman    (Culver Community)

Novice International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Rathnam Venkat    (Munster High School)
2.    Paige Wheeler    (Bethany Christian)
3.    Carl Jacobson    (Elkhart Central)
4.    David Drew    (Concord)
5.    Kyla Burgan    (North Side)
6.    Lia Andreatos    (Munster High School)

Novice Oratorical Declamation

1.    Sean Miller    (Chesterton)
2.    Maureen Reed    (Culver Academies)
3.    Shirantha Stanislaus    (Valparaiso)
4.    Hallie Peilet    (Munster High School)
5.    JENNIFER BENNER    (Culver Academies)
6.    Christian Rougeau    (Penn)
F.    Ishani Sharma    (Munster High School)
F.    Priya Shah    (Munster High School)

Novice Original Oratory
1.    Mikaela Meyer    (Chesterton)
2.    Kate Peters    (Plymouth)
3.    Karis Sims    (North Side)
4.    Christine Beckmann    (Plymouth)
5.    Jordan Berger    (Culver Academies)

Novice Original Performance
1.    Jessica Cleveland    (Plymouth)
2.    DAI QUAN KING    (Culver Academies)
3.    Campbell / Norment    (Lakeland)
4.    Kaitlyn Wright    (North Side)
5.    Naomi Johnston    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Shannon Richards    (Elkhart Central)
F.    Hayden Wolfe    (Plymouth)

Novice Poetry Reading
1.    Doug Van Putten    (Culver Academies)
2.    Karis Sims    (North Side)
3.    Jabree Ellis    (Munster High School)
4.    Maddie Slykas    (Culver Academies)
5.    Jessica Moeller    (North Side)
6.    Chenyere Franklin    (Culver Academies)
F.    Markee Farler    (Plymouth)
F.    Sommer McClellan    (Plymouth)

Novice Prose Reading
1.    Kaylee Oates    (Chesterton)
2.    Addy Culpepper    (Penn)
3.    Dona Park    (Bethany Christian)
4.    Anna Shehegian    (Munster High School)
5.    Katelyn Hartsell    (Plymouth)
6.    Miranda Hacha    (Plymouth)
F.    Nicole Mammano    (Munster High School)
F.    Haley Moles    (Munster High School)

Novice United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Emma Hong    (Munster High School)
2.    Ben Hochstetler    (Bethany Christian)
3.    Elise Pare'    (Culver Academies)
4.    AJ Gauthier    (Munster High School)
5.    Mark Megremmis    (Munster High School)
6.    Cheyene Gonzales    (North Side)

Varsity Broadcasting
1.    SAMANTHA GAO    (Culver Academies)
2.    Kevin Miloshoff    (Chesterton)
3.    Christina Krozel    (Plymouth)
4.    MacKenzie Klahr    (Elkhart Central)
5.    MARY MCKINNIS    (Culver Academies)
6.    Michael Rheinheimer    (Elkhart Central)
F.    Austin Martinson    (Chesterton)
F.    Joey Byers    (North Side)

Varsity Discussion
1.    Gage Pynaert    (Plymouth)
2.    Nelson Wagner    (Plymouth)
3.    Deven Berger    (Plymouth)
4.    David Wang    (Penn)
5.    James Petro    (Marian High School)

Varsity Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Abby Phelps    (Concord)
2.    London Borom    (Munster High School)
3.    Lea Dujmovich    (Chesterton)
4.    Stephanie Gorka    (Plymouth)
5.    Darby LeClear    (North Side)
6.    Hailey Estes    (Munster High School)
F.    Eli Muller    (Chesterton)
F.    Haley Conger    (Munster High School)

Varsity Duo Interpretation (Memorized)

1.    CLANCY TRIPP and MARISA GUARINO    (Culver Academies)
1.    Jason Pickell and Sean Hatfield    (Plymouth)
3.    Austin Craft and Emily Walden    (Plymouth)
4.    Doug Van Putten and JERRY HOWARD    (Culver Academies)
5.    Eli Muller and Kiera Quealy    (Chesterton)
6.    Dayna Arnett and Destiny Lord    (Elkhart Central)
F.    Ireri Perez and Seth Field    (Concord)
F.    Christina Chipman and Michael Gray    (Plymouth)

Varsity Duo Interpretation (Scripted)

1.    Olivia Hilliard and Sarah Gouker    (Plymouth)
2.    CHRIS MCCONNELL and IRENE HERZIG    (Culver Academies)
3.    Elise Mitchell and Leah Steele    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Maria Burelli and Sky Kintzel    (Chesterton)
5.    Cameron Ponce and Valentina Sanfilippo    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Florek and Master    (Culver Academies)
F.    Daniel Straka and David Straka    (Munster High School)
F.    Dan Courtaney and Sam Prevost    (Valparaiso)

Varsity Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jonathan Wachala    (Munster High School)
2.    Cameron Ponce    (Elkhart Central)
3.    Natalie Vick    (Munster High School)
4.    Miles Barrett    (Concord)
5.    Katie Mathias    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Becca Houser    (Plymouth)
F.    Andrew Hogan    (Chesterton)
F.    Olivia Houin    (Plymouth)

Varsity Impromptu Speaking
1.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
2.    ALEX DING    (Culver Academies)
3.    Colleen Majszak    (Munster High School)
4.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)
5.    Eli Lavender    (Culver Academies)
6.    COURTNEY DODGE   (Culver Academies)
F.    Greg Thome    (Valparaiso)
F.    Kevin Miloshoff    (Chesterton)

Varsity International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Michaila Nate    (Plymouth)
2.    Colleen Majszak    (Munster High School)
3.    Jessica Bhavsar    (Munster High School)
4.    Landon Davison    (Valparaiso)
5.    Jeremy Stout    (Munster High School)
6.    Ji Eun Han    (Bethany Christian)
F.    Boosik Choi    (Culver Academies)
F.    Matt Schenck    (Valparaiso)

Varsity Oratorical Declamation
1.    Pauline Dagaas    (Plymouth)
2.    Robert Conrick    (Chesterton)
3.    Rana Torabi    (Chesterton)
4.    Austin Craft    (Plymouth)
5.    Lea Dujmovich    (Chesterton)
6.    Rebecca Nash    (Culver Academies)
F.    Jake Shalen    (Munster High School)
F.    Karra Chaltraw    (La Porte High School)

Varsity Original Oratory
1.    Emily Walden    (Plymouth)
2.    Elisabeth Kindmark     (Chesterton)
3.    Andy Braden    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Dayna Arnett    (Elkhart Central)
5.    William Greenlaw    (Munster High School)
6.    Kara Fasone    (Chesterton)
F.    Robert Conrick    (Chesterton)
F.    Pauline Dagaas    (Plymouth)

Varsity Original Performance

1.    MARISA GUARINO    (Culver Academies)
2.    CLANCY TRIPP    (Culver Academies)
3.    Christy Chipman    (Plymouth)
4.    Luke Bumpus    (Plymouth)
5.    Tori Fater/Courtney Byrd    (Concord)
6.    Destiny Lord    (Elkhart Central)
F.    Annamarie Dibley    (Elkhart Memorial High School)

Varsity Poetry Reading

1.    Kara Fasone    (Chesterton)
2.    Julia Ingram    (Chesterton)
3.    AMANDA MASTER    (Culver Academies)
4.    Michael Wadas    (Munster High School)
5.    TAYLOR TADLOCK    (Culver Academies)
6.    Aamina Khan    Munster (High School)
F.    LAURA FREYMILLER    (Culver Academies)
F.    CHRIS MCCONNELL    (Culver Academies)

Varsity Prose Reading
1.    London Borom    (Munster High School)
2.    Julia Ingram    (Chesterton)
3.    Andy Braden    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Tatiana Padilla    (Munster High School)
5.    ERIN WALSH    (Culver Academies)
6.    Luke Bumpus    (Plymouth)
F.    Rana Torabi    (Chesterton)
F.    Elise Mitchell    (Elkhart Central)

Varsity United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Niral Shah    (Munster High School)
2.    Eli Lavender    (Culver Academies)
3.    Kelsey Shaffer    (Plymouth)
4.    Ashton Morrow    (Plymouth)
5.    Valentina Sanfilippo    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Greg Thome    (Valparaiso)
F.    Ali Henke    (Elkhart Central)


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