2010 Downers Grove North Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Downers Grove, IL


Tournament Results


1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Glenbard West   
3.    Wheaton North   
4.    Sandburg   
5.    Thornton

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Candice Turner and Lorenzo Jackson    (Bolingbrook)
2.    Kendyl Lynch and Yianni Kinnas    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Ly'Vashia Wolford and Tashawna Rials    (Thornton)
4.    Jack Cherry and Kaitlyn McMahon    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Christine Hawn and Evan DeLorenzo   (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Anna Talamo and Joey Hansel    (York)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Lily Elderkin    (Maine South)
2.    Perla Larios    (Downers Grove North)
3.    Tashawna Rials    (Thornton)
4.    Norma Hernandez    (Leyden)
5.    Danielle Targosz    (Lockport)
6.    Mia Frasca    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Ron Amasciaray    (Bolingbrook)
F.    Charles Smith    (Thornwood)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Matthew Dudak    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Jen Rubino    (Maine South)
3.    Ani Sailesh    (Neuqua Valley)
4.    Richard Bernard    (Thornton)
5.    Abhishek Nigam    (Neuqua Valley)
6.    Tyler Miksanek    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Kiah Taylor and Kiana Logwood    (Thornton)
2.    Austin Ball and Mishari Zambrano    (Sandburg)
3.    Garrett Weaver and Michelle Owens    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Jeff Peterson and Nicole Smith    (Downers Grove North)
5.    Nate Shinners and Phoebe Sullivan-Bing    (Oak Park-River Forest)
6.    Akhil Chavan and Saurav Patnaik    (Neuqua Valley)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Monica Hutchausen    (Sandburg)
2.    Katelyn Haas    (Neuqua Valley)
3.    Katie Weeks    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Demi Kallis    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Kate Rich    (Normal Community West)
6.    Samantha Gatwood    (Elk Grove)
F.    Caroline Krawcayk    (Naperville North)
F.    Josh Brown    (West Chicago H.S.)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Tasha Wiersal     (Shepard)
2.    Monica Hutchausen    (Sandburg)
3.    Halak Mehta     (Naperville North)
4.    Vinay Basti    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Jacky Medellin    (Bolingbrook)
6.    Prerna Subramanian    (Neuqua Valley)
F.    Libby Morgan-Steiner    (Normal Community West)
F.    Mike Peretz    (Shepard)
F.    Molly Butler    (Maine South)
F.    Tim Coukart    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)

Informative Speaking

1.    Jasmine Ross    (Thornton)
2.    Emma Jerzyk    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Atyab Bhatti    (Neuqua Valley)
4.    Christy Varghese    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5.    Shaila Sundram    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Tierra Simpson    (Homewood-Flossmoor)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jessy Curry    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Gabby Gazall     (Naperville North)
3.    Shana Woodland    (Shepard)
4.    Donny Stewart    (Shepard)
5.    Nandhini Satheesh    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
6.    Nicole Stankus    (Hinsdale Central)

Original Comedy

1.    Dan Brunbaugh    (Shepard)
2.    John Runne    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Florin Kolbaba    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Krissy Delahanty    (York)
5.    Sam Washington    (Neuqua Valley)
6.    Joey Hansel    (York)
F.    Mike Peretz    (Shepard)

Original Oratory

1.    Cheryl Victuelles    (Elk Grove)
2.    Guadalupe Huerta    (Thornton)
3.    Lisa Ourada    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Kathryn Joost    (Sandburg)
5.    Elisabeth Hopkins    (Downers Grove North)
6.    Candice Perry    (Thornwood)

Poetry Reading
1.    Aaron Gatdula    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Angelisha Jones    (Shepard)
3.    Zena Ibrahim    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Alec Bacon    (Normal Community West)
5.    Lorenzo Jackson    (Bolingbrook)
6.    Chelsie Kolarik    (Bolingbrook)

Prose Reading
1.    Kelly Potts    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Heater Afriye    (Bolingbrook)
3.    Julia Dobbs    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Kristin Lowe    (Thornwood)
5.    Laura Nelson    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Teresa Jackson    (Homewood-Flossmoor)

Radio Speaking
1.    Andrew Heitzman    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Cheryl Victuelles    (Elk Grove)
3.    Cora Georgiou    (Sandburg)
4.    Rebekah Covington    (Neuqua Valley)
5.    Brooke Sommerfeld    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
6.    Marissa Ondra    (New Trier)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Myna Sharma    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Derrek Chung    (Neuqua Valley)
3.    Annie Cappetta    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Marc Hasan    (Lockport)
5.    Kaitlyn McMahon    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Nadia Pelletier    (West Chicago H.S.)


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