2010 Dickson County Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 11/20/2010
Team-School In Charge: Dickson, TN
Tournament Location: Dickson, TN


Tournament Results


1.    Ravenwood A   
2.    Collierville High School   
3.    St. Cecilia Academy   
4.    White House   
5.    Portland

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Patrick Norwood    (Independence)
2.    Shelby Shaw    (Collierville High School)
3.    Chelsea Bell    (Madison Academic Magnet)
4.    Angelea Arwood    (Jefferson County)
5.    Alexia Poteet    (Jefferson County)
6.    Jenny Jarnagin    (Jefferson County)

Duet Acting
1.    Caroline Greene and Page Forrest    (St. Cecilia Academy)
2.    Morris and Webb    (Portland)
3.    Beth Operia and Cody Smither    (Henry County)
4.    Lexi Gilbert and Rebecca Stogner    (Ravenwood A)
5.    Parker and Summar    (Portland)
6.    Johnson and Woods    (Portland)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Lizzie Harless and Nancy Margaret Wehby    (St. Cecilia Academy)
2.    Becca Hamilton and Madison Stankevich    (Ravenwood A)
3.    Milligan and Mundy    (Collierville High School)
4.    Beth Heggan and Morgan Mullen    (Ravenwood A)
5.    Bo Kitzman and Erin Varnick    (Madison Academic Magnet)
6.    Blaisdell and Brewer    (Collierville High School)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Lisa Leturno    (Collierville High School)
2.    Kevin Cuddy    (Collierville High School)
3.    Rhett Spurlin    (Collierville High School)
4.    Tara Lehman    (Ravenwood A)
5.    Brandon Zheng    (Collierville High School)
6.    Earl Devaughn    (Northeast)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Lydia Phillips    (Ravenwood A)
2.    Tori Trout    (White House)
3.    Lizzie Harless    (St. Cecilia Academy)
4.    DeYonte' Jenkins    (Portland)
5.    Angelea Arwood    (Jefferson County)
6.    Nathan Foster    (Henry County)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Page Forrest    (St. Cecilia Academy)
2.    John Winstead    (White House)
3.    Justin Hasty    (Springfield)
4.    Kevin Cuddy    (Collierville High School)
5.    Luis Vargas    (Northeast)
6.    Jackson James    (JP II)

Improvisational Duet Acting
1.    Morgan Mullen and Sarah Claggett    (Ravenwood A)
2.    Alwyn Mothershed and Anna Nelson    (St. Cecilia Academy)
3.    Bartholamew and Leturno    (Collierville High School)
4.    Karlee Ervin and Taylor Holcraft    (Merrol Hyde Magnet)
5.    Alyssa Stockard and Jake Zaves    (Ravenwood A)
6.    Hofstetter and Synder    (Portland)

Original Oratory
1.    Maddie Mucci    (Ravenwood A)
2.    Tori Trout    (White House)
3.    Kathleen Marsh    (Merrol Hyde Magnet)
4.    Alex Svenpladsen    (Battle Ground Academy)
5.    Krista Stein    (White House)
6.    Ali Kingson    (Kenwood)
F.    Kelli Dear    (Madison Academic Magnet)


1.    Elissa Longfellow    (Cookeville)

2.    Anna Nelson    (St. Cecilia Academy)
3.    Josh Mucci    (Ravenwood A)
4.    Bailey Fuqua    (Battle Ground Academy)
5.    Maddie Lawry    (St. Cecilia Academy)
6.    Lauren Farr    (Jefferson County)

1.    Shelby Shaw    (Collierville High School)
2.    Madison Stankevich    (Ravenwood A)
3.    Caroline Greene    (St. Cecilia Academy)
4.    Lynn Ryan    (St. Cecilia Academy)
5.    Taylor Holcraft    (Merrol Hyde Magnet)
6.    Jenny Jarnagin    (Jefferson County)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Michael Zoorob and Patrick Kelett    (Brentwood High School)
2.    Alden Haight and Natalie Bennie    (Brentwood High School)
3.    Lindsey Hancock and Nick Lotz    (Independence)
4.    Irtiqa Fazili and Natalie Bennett    (Brentwood High School)
5.    Eli Holmes and Jacob Perdue    (Ravenwood A)
6.    Courtney Smith and Olivia Landon    (Independence)

1.    Analeigh Horton    (Ravenwood A)
2.    Beth Heggan    (Ravenwood A)
3.    Alec Mundy    (Collierville High School)
4.    Sophia Tosches    (Collierville High School)
5.    Ivy Rhodes    (Ravenwood A)
6.    McKenzie Barnett    (Ravenwood A)


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