2010 64th National Debate Tournament

Tournament Information

Date: 03/20/2010
Tournament Location: Univ. of Cal-Berkeley


League: Other

Tournament Results


Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reduce the size of its nuclear weapons arsenal, and/or substantially reduce and restrict the role and/or missions of its nuclear weapons arsenal.


Michigan State University's Eric Lanning & Carly Wunderlich are named the National Debate Tournament Champions of 2010


Northwestern FS v. Michigan State LW (5-0; Michigan State LW)  


 Northwestern FS v. Wake CS (4-1; Northwestern FS)
Michigan State LW v. Mary Washington KS (4-1; Michigan State LW)


Northwestern FS v. UTD BR (6-1; Northwestern FS)
Emory IW vs.Michigan State LW (3-2; Michigan State LW)
Wake CM vs. Mary Washington KS (4-1; Mary Washington KS)
Wake CS v. Kentucky GG (4-1; Wake CS)

OCTO Pairings

Emory IW v. Georgia CL (5-0; Emory Iw)
Kentucky GG v. Triniity BH (4-1; Kentucky GG)
Mary Washington KS vs. Harvard JP (4-1; Mary Washington KS)
Michigan State LW vs. Kansas KQ (5-0; Michigan State LW)
Missouri State FK v. Wake CM (3-2; Wake CM)
Northwestern FS v. West Georgia BS (3-2; Northwestern FS)
Cal BJ vs. UTD BR (3-2; UTD BR)
Wake CS vs. Emorgy GJ (6-1; Wake CS)


AFFIRMATIVE                   NEGATIVE
Harvard KR                          Michigan State LW
Liberty GW                          Missouri State
Baylor CM                            Wake Forest CM
Towson JM                           Cornell HK
Oklahoma AD                       Mary Washington KS
Vanderbilt BN                        Northwestern FS
Kansas KQ                            Northwestern BF
Case Western MW                Texas Dallas BR
West Georgia GM                  Mary Washington SS
Samford BG                          Texas Dallas DR
Harvard JP                            JMU CL
Wyoming BH                         Liberty GG
Northwestern GL                    Georgetown HS
Dartmouth AG                       California BJ
Texas San Antonio MT           Georgia CL
Central Oklahoma KS             Cal GP
Fullerton BG                           Mo State FG
Kansas State MZ                    Dartmouth DS
Trinity HM                              Binghamton FT
Minnesota CH                        UNLV BM
Texas BS                               Georgia HL
Emory GJ                              Michigan LZ
Wake Forest CS                     Michigan DS
Michigan State GS                 Georgia State GS
Emory IW                             Towson CK
Kansas KS                              Iowa SV
Dartmouth CL                       Iowa DH
Whitman CS                          Trinity BH
Fullerton CT                          Wichita CM
Weber DR                             Emporia FL
Oklahoma GW                      Gonzaga KM
USC DP                                 Idaho State JJ
West Georgia BS                   USC HL
Gonzaga CJ                           Kansas PW
Texas CM                              Emory NS
Baylor LR                              Whitman EJ
California GW                        Emporia WW
UNLV EL                                Kentucky GG
Wake Forest BM                     Wichita BR

Michigan State KW                Kansas State Mz

Missouri State FK                   Wyoming BH

Wake Forest CM                    UNLV EL

Cornell HK                             Whitman CS

Mary Washington KS            Fullerton BG

Northwestern FS                   Dartmouth CL

Northwestern BF                  West Georgia GM

Texas Dallas BR                     Michigan State GS

Mary Washington SS            Kansas KS

Texas Dallas DR                    California GW

James Madison CL                Gonzaga CJ

Liberty GG                            Northwestern GL

Georgetown HS                    Baylor LR

California BJ                          Central Oklahoma KS

Georgia CL                            Trinity HM

California GP                         Liberty QW

Missouri State FG                  Dartmouth AG

Dartmouth DS                     Oklahoma Ad

Binghamton FT                     Texas San Antonio MT

UNLV BM                               Texas CM

Georgia HL                            Oklahoma GW

Michigan LZ                          Wake Forest BM

Michigan DS                         Fullerton CT

Georgia State GS                 Harvard KR

Towson CK                          Case Western MW

Iowa SV                               Weber State DR

Iowa DH                              Samford BG

Trinity BH                            USC DP

Wichita State CM                 Wake Forest CS

Emporia State FL                  West Georgia BS

Gonzaga KM                         Texas BS

Idaho State JJ                      Harvard JP

USC HL                                Towson JM

Kansas PW                           Emory IW

Emory NS                            Minnesota CH

Whiteman EJ                        Kansas KQ

Emporia State WW               Vanderbilt BN

Kentucy GG                          Baylor CM

Wichita State BR                   Emory GJ


Kansas KQ                            Kansas State MZ

California BJ                          Missouri State FK

Oklahoma GW                      Wake ForestCM

California GP                         Cornell HK

Gonzaga CJ                          Mary Washington KS

Emporia State FL                   Northwestern FS

Harvard JP                            Northwestern BF

Samford BG                           Texas Dallas BR

Mary Washington SS            Georgia State GS

Texas BS                               Texas Dallas DR

Emporia State WW                James Madison CL

Kansas KS                               Northwestern GL

USC HL                                   Georgetown HS

Central Oklahoma KS               Fullerton BG

Michigan State LW                   Georgia CL

Liberty GW                              Baylor LR

Dartmouth AG                         Trinity HM

Towson JM                               Oklahoma AD

Weber DR                                Binghamton FT

Whitman CS                             UNLV BM

Missouri State FG                       Georgia HL

Emory IW                                 Michigan LZ

West Georgia BS                       Michigan DS

Wyoming BH                            Michigan State GS

California GW                            Texas San Antonio MT

Towson CK                               Iowa SV

Minnesota CH                           Iowa DH

Wake Forest CS                       Trinity BH

Wake Forest BM                       West Georgia GM

Dartmouth CL                          Wichita State BR

Wichita State CM                      Gonzaga KM

Fullerton CT                             Idaho State JJ

UNLV EL                                   Dartmouth DS

Case Western MW                    Kansas PW

Baylor CM                                 Emory NS

USC DP                                     Whitman EJ

Vanderbuilt BN                           Harvard KR

Liberty GG                                 Kentucy GG

Texas CM                                  Emory GJ

Ballot Count After ROUND 3

Emory Inamullah-Weil
3 wins
9 ballots
Kansas Kennedy-Stone
3 wins
9 ballots
Nwstrn Fisher-Spies
3 wins
9 ballots
UTD Baker-Rubaie
3 wins
9 ballots
Wake Crichton-Sears
3 wins
9 ballots
Harvard Jacobs-Parkinson
3 wins
8 ballots
MictSt Lanning-Wunderlich
3 wins
8 ballots
Texas Cauthen-McNeil
3 wins
8 ballots
Cal Brockaway-Jaswa
3 wins
7 ballots
Gonzo Corrigan-Joseph
3 wins
7 ballots
Wake Carlotti-Maza
3 wins
7 ballots
GSU Grace-Schaller
2 wins
7 ballots
Mo St Foley-Kearney
2 wins
7 ballots
Oklhma Giglio-Watts
2 wins
7 ballots
UMW Kallmyer-Susko
2 wins
7 ballots
UTD Dwyer-Roark
2 wins
7 ballots
WestGa Boykin-Schultz
2 wins
7 ballots
Dartmth Armstrong-Gonzalez
2 wins
6 ballots
Emory Gordon-Jegadeesh
2 wins
6 ballots
Georgi Cambre-Lacy
2 wins
6 ballots
Kansas Kennedy-Quigley
2 wins
6 ballots
Kentuc Gautam -Gentile
2 wins
6 ballots
Nwstrn Blumenthal-Friend
2 wins
6 ballots
UCO Spurlock-Koslow
2 wins
6 ballots
UTSA Montee-Thomas
2 wins
6 ballots
Whitman Cohn-Straus
2 wins
6 ballots
Baylor Cook-McVey
2 wins
5 ballots
GTown Hantel-Shen
2 wins
5 ballots
IdahoS Jennings-Johnson
2 wins
5 ballots
Iowa Stone-Vint
2 wins
5 ballots
Libert Garrett-Woodruff
2 wins
5 ballots
Nwstrn Gregg-Lee
2 wins
5 ballots
Towson Jackson-Murray
2 wins
5 ballots
Trinit Bankey-Hart
2 wins
5 ballots
Vandy Brown-Norris
2 wins
5 ballots
Wichit Box-Robinson
2 wins
5 ballots
Wichit Coleman-Munday
2 wins
5 ballots
Empori Fifelski-Loghry
2 wins
4 ballots
Samfor Bagwell-Gramzinski
2 wins
4 ballots
Baylor Luppes-Rooney
1 wins
4 ballots
Bing Fountain-Torsiello
1 wins
4 ballots
CSUF Carter-Thach
1 wins
4 ballots
Dartmth Chenoweth-Lee
1 wins
4 ballots
Emory Nikolic-Swenson
1 wins
4 ballots
Georgi Harrison-Layton
1 wins
4 ballots
Harvard Karlson-Rogan
1 wins
4 ballots
Wake Bailey-Miller
1 wins
4 ballots
Whitman Edwards-Janyk
1 wins
4 ballots
Cal Gupta-Pai
1 wins
3 ballots
Cal Weiner-Gannon
1 wins
3 ballots
Gonzo Kannellopoulos-Moczulski
1 wins
3 ballots
JamesM Lowry-Chaganti
1 wins
3 ballots
Kansas Petersen-Wilkins
1 wins
3 ballots
Libert Garrett-Garrett
1 wins
3 ballots
Michig Liu-Zagorin
1 wins
3 ballots
MictSt Gliniecki-Shore
1 wins
3 ballots
Minn Chin-Hasan
1 wins
3 ballots
Oklhma Abbas-Defilippis
1 wins
3 ballots
Towson Crossan-Kirkman
1 wins
3 ballots
Trinit Hagney-Murray
1 wins
3 ballots
USC Lazarevic-Hernandez
1 wins
3 ballots
CSUF Bridge-Gray
1 wins
2 ballots
KState Mendenhall-Ziegler
1 wins
2 ballots
Texas Boyle-Singh
1 wins
2 ballots
UMW Saunders-Slattery
1 wins
2 ballots
UNLV Bato-Meneses
1 wins
2 ballots
UNLV Lucas-Bolin-Eisenstadt
1 wins
2 ballots
Dartmth Donlan-Smyser
0 wins
3 ballots
Cornel Karin-Himmelstein
0 wins
2 ballots
Iowa Dhillon-Hunt
0 wins
2 ballots
CaseWs Mattern-Wolf
0 wins
1 ballots
Empori Wash-Williams-Green
0 wins
1 ballots
Michig Sekaran-Deming
0 wins
1 ballots
Mo St Frederick-Gilmore
0 wins
1 ballots
USC Padrta-Do
0 wins
1 ballots
UWyo Bausch-Harper
0 wins
1 ballots
Weber Dawson-Reese
0 wins
1 ballots
WestGa Grellinger-Marianetti
0 wins
1 ballots


Affirmative                         Negative

Dartmouth DS                     Weber State DR
West Georgia GM                 Case Western MW
UNLV BM                              Fullerton CT
Michigan DS                         Emporia State WW
Kansas State MZ                  Dartmouth CL
Kansas PW                          Towson CK
Gonzaga KM                         California GP
Oklahoma AD                       Texas BS
Emory NS                            Wyoming BH
Baylor LR                             UNLV EL
Cornell HK                            USC DP
Michigan State GS                Minnesota CH
Iowa DH                              Missouri State FG
Trinity HM                            USC HL
Fullerton BG                         Wake Forest BM
Michigan LZ                          Liberty GG
James Madison CL               California GW
Harvard KR                         Mary Washington SS
Northwestern FS                 Gonzaga CJ
Georgia State GS                 Harvard JP
Wake Forest CM                  Texas CM
Georgetown HS                   Kansas KS
Texas Dallas BR                   California BJ
Mary Washington KS           Samford BG
Iowa SV                               Wake Forest CS
Georgia CL                           Baylor CM
Kentucky GG                       Towson JM
Wichita State BR                  Kansas KQ
Idaho State JJ                      Emory IW
Texas San Antonio MT          Michigan State LW
Whitman EJ                         West Georgia BS
Emory GJ                             Liberty GW
Northwestern BF                   Vanderbilt BN
Binghamton FT                     Oklahoma GW
Northwestern GL                  Central Oklahoma KS
Georgia HL                            Whitman CS
Texas Dallas DR                    Wichita State CM
Missouri State FK                   Emporia State FL
Trinity BH                             Dartmouth AG


California GP                         Wber State DR

Wyoming BH                       Case WEstern MW

Michigan State GS                UNLV BM

USC DP                                Michigan DS

Emporia State FL                  Kansas State MZ

California GW                        Kansas PW

Trinity BH                             Gonzaga KM

Michigan LZ                          Oklahoma AD

Central Oklahoma KS            Emory NS

Texas BS                              UNLV EL

Cornell HK                             Dartmouth DS

Minnesota CH                        West Georgia GM

Emporia State WW                Iowa DH

Mary Washington SS             Trinity HM

Towson CK                            Fullerton BG

Dartmouth CL                       USC HL

Liberty GG                             James Madison CL

Fullerton CT                           Harvard KR

Emory IW                              Northwestern FS

Michigan State LW                 Harvard JP

California BJ                           Wake Forest CM

Wichita State BR                    Georgetown HS

Whitman CS                          Texas Dallas BR

Kentucky GG                          Mary Washington KS

Wake Forest CS                     Kansas KS

Emory GJ                               Georgia CL

Towson JM                             Baylor LR

Kansas KQ                              Texas CM

Iowa SV                                  Idaho State JJ

Wake Forest BM                     Texas San Antonio MT

Oklahoma GW                        West Georgia BS

Samford BG                            Baylor CM

GEorgia State GS                    Northwestern BF

Missouri State FG                     Binghamton FT

Vanderbilt BN                          Northwestern GL

Whitman EJ                           Georgia HL

Liberty GW                            Wichita State CM

Texas Dallas DR                      Missouri State FK

Dartmouth AG                        Gonzaga CJ


Texas San Antonio MT           California GP

Dartmouth DS                       Wyoming BH

Kansas KS                              Michigan State GS

Harvard KR                           USC DP

Emory NS                             Emporia State FL

Missouri State FK                   California GW

Kansas PW                            Trinity BH

Trinty HM                              Michigan LZ

Michigan DS                           Central Oklahoma KS

Northwestern BF                    Texas BS

Iowa DH                                Cornell HK

Weber State DR                    Minnesota CH

Case Western MW                 Emporia State WW

Georgia HL                             Mary Washington SS

Wichita State CM                   Towson CK

James Madison CL                 Dartmouth CL

Idaho State JJ                       Liberty GG

Binghamton FT                      Fullerton CT

Wake Forest CM                    Emory IW

Texas CM                              Michigan State LW

Northwestern FS                   California BJ

Baylor CM                             Wichita State BR

Gonzaga KM                          Whitman CS

Baylor LR                               Kentucky GG

Harvard JP                             Wake Forest CS

UNLV BM                                Emory GJ

Texas Dallas BR                      Towson JM

West Georgia CM                   Kansas KQ

USC HL                                 Iowa SV

Georgia CL                            Wake Forest BM

Northwestern GL                   Oklahoma GW

Gonzaga CJ                           Samford BG

Oklahoma AD                         Georgia State GS

UNLV EL                                Missouri State FG

Gerogetown HS                     Vanderbilt BN

Fullerton BG                           Whitman EJ

West Georgia BS                    Liberty GW

Kansas State MZ                    Texas Dallas DR

Mary Washington KS             Dartmouth AG


Wake Forest CS                     Northwestern FS

Michigan State LW                 Emory IW

Harvard JP                             Missouri State FK

Georgia CL                             Kansas KS

Oklahoma GW                        California BJ

Mary Washington KS              Texas Dallas BR

Dartmouth AG                        Emory NS

Iowa SV                                  Texas CM

Michigan LZ                            Wake Forest CM

Whitman CS                           Georgia State GS

Emory GJ                               Samford BG

Trinity BH                               Vanderbilt BN

Texas Dallas DR                     Northwestern GL

Central Oklahoma KS             Michigan State GS

Emporia State FL                   Northwestern BF

Wake Forest BM                    Idaho State JJ

Towson CK                            Georgia HL

Kentucky GG                         Texas San Antonio MT

California GW                         Georgetown HS

Trinity HM                              Baylor LR

Towson JM                            Baylor CM

Kansas KQ                             Liberty GW

West Georgia GM                   Gonzaga CJ

Fullerton CT                           West Georgia BS

Mary Washington SS             Gonzaga KM

Minnesota CH                        Wichita State CM

Dartmouth CL                       Texas BS

UNLV BM                               Kansas State MZ

Michigan DS                          USC HL

Binghamton FT                     Harvard KR

Wichita State BR                   Wyoming BH

UNLV EL                                Oklahoma AD

Cornell HK                             Emporia State WW

California GP                          Kansas PW

Liberty GG                            Whitman EJ

Weber DR                            Fullerton BG

USC DP                                Iowa DH

Missouri State FG                  James Madison CL

Case Western MW                Dartmouth DS


Georgia State GS                  Dartmouth AG

Kansas State MZ                  Central Oklahoma KS

USC HL                                Emporia State FL

West Georgia BS                  Michigan State LW

Liberty GW                          Wake Forest BM

Emporia WW                       Mary Washingon SS

Michigan State GS                Iowa SV

Texas Dallas BR                    Wake Forest CS

Kansas KS                            Michigan LZ

Emory IW                            Whitman CS

Wake Forest CM                  Towson CK

Vanderbilt BN                       Kentucky GG

Baylor CM                            California GW

Dartmouth DS                     Minnesota CH

Gonzaga CJ                         Trinity HM

Texas CM                            Harvard JP

Northwestern BF                 Dartmouth CL

Whitman EJ                        UNLV BM

California BJ                        Emory GJ

Wichita State CM                 Towson JM

Samford BG                        Kansas KQ

Fullerton BG                        Michigan DS

Missouri State FK                 Georgia CL

Gonzaga KM                        Binghamton FT

Oklahoma AD                      Wichita State BR

Northwestern FS                 Oklahoma GW

Baylor LR                            West Georgia GM

Wyoming BH                       UNLV EL

Georgetown HS                   Cornell HK

Harvard KR                          California GP

Iowa DH                               Case Western MW

Emory NS                            Trinity BH

James Madison CL                Weber DR

Texas BS                              USC DP

Kansas PW                           Missouri State FG

Georgia HL                           Liberty GG

Texas San Antonio MT         Fullerton CT

Idaho State JJ                     Texas Dallas DR

Northwestern GL                 Mary Washington KS



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