Poker Face


We've all been there.  That moment of OH!  No, not bad speech attire.  Sorry my jacket is in the cleaners.  But total loss of what's my line?  What you just saw was part one of what not to do.  Part two would be vomiting and running away.  No, what you should do in a mishap like that is to be like Lady Gaga...where plastic and lobster headdresses?...and wear your poker face.  But can that work?  YES!!!  If only you know that there has been a mishap just roll with it, fix it as you go.  No one even knows that you messed up.  Even if something does happen that people can notice like minor forgetfulness, a cough, or you get tongue tied, or there's some unforeseeable mishap that occurs just go on with it.  Pretend it is part of your piece and move on.  The more you show you are acknowledging your blunder the more of the control of the room you lose.  You pull your audience out of the piece; you pull yourself out of the piece.  Your fabulous!  It meant to happen.  JUST GO ON WITH IT!  Although, if you completely freeze what do you do?  Well, if you're in Duo you're in luck because you have a partner that can pull you out.  Unfortunately that only covers two events, so what do you do it you're by yourself?  What you need to do is stop, think, regroup, and more on with your piece.  Pretend it didn't even happen.  Get your focus back IMMEDIATELY and just move on.  What do you do if you need to leave the room?  If you ever need to leave the room for any kind of reason, just say "excuse me please" or ask for permission if that's more your bag.  And go.  Whatever happens, remain calm, do NOT apologize, and put on your best poker face.  It's amazing how people will react and respect you for going through with your performance even though everyone knows you messed up.  Just be strong about it.  You could be a ticking time bomb inside, but nobody need know.     


I would also like to add that a majority of minor mistakes people make in pieces are only known to US...until of course our face gives away our mis-step and then the whole room knows.  Most slip-ups are over 9000x worse for us then they are for the audience.  DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF AWAY.  I repeat: DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF AWAY!!! 

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