Paige Nagy '09 OH State Champ Prose/Poetry


"Paige Nagy of Rocky River High School performs her prose/poetry piece which earned 1st place at the Ohio State Forensics (OHSSL) tournament held in March 2009 in Mason OH. The piece, called "The Cost of War," includes excerpts from a fictional diary of Marie Antoinette as well as songs from Les Miserables to create a moving portrait of the emotional impact of war on both sides of the French Revolution. This performance was given at a PTA meeting at Rocky River High School, Rocky River, OH, in March 2009."


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that's a good idea for a poetry mash-up!

I felt she was overacting the whole piece


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Maybe a little, but this was also performed at a PTA maybe it was performed after State and she hadn't practiced for a while?  Or maybe that's the acting style preferred by judges in Ohio?  idk

It is also using Les Mis, and Les Mis is very dramtic ;)


I can see why you would say that though.If I were coaching I would tell her to pull back a little too.  While her overall tone generally works for me given the material, b/c it stretches across most of the piece it has less of an impact than if it were only for certain "scenes."  That's my main suggestion for an improved piece.  Not enough dynamics for it to be especially powerful, IMHO.  Overall though, I like it and thought she did good work.        

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