NFL '06 - Jimmy the Antichrist (2 of 2)


"Meant to Educate - NOT TO COPY

National Champion HI performed by Spencer McCurnin"


do you think it is too soon to do this piece again for my humorous interp?

Hey Krackle,

It's tough for me to offer an opinion here as I completed mainly in debate.

It was 7 years ago so that is definitely a while. My only comment is that when you are doing a piece that achieved such success - you may be held to a high standard as people will think of this performance. So if you're going to do this piece, make sure it's great :)

Good luck!

- Michael


I am going to agree with MichaelS. Usually I recommend that if you are going to do a popular piece, wait a year or so after it's popularity to put your own spin on it. JUST so people are not too inclined to compare/contrast the two pieces. This varies based on where you're competing too. Some areas do not do NFL, so those places might be able to get away with it earlier.

Whichever you do, make sure that the cutting and interp is YOURS. Put your own spin on it and make it unique for YOU. Never imitate!

Good luck!

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