"I Am A Nerd"; a poetry program


"This is my award winning Poetry Interpretation piece inspired solely by YouTube. Without this, this piece would not exist. I also submit this as my humble entry into the discussion of open letters to YouTube.
We are all the same. Fighting the same fight. do not fight your fellow soldiers, fight the man. As Haymitch Abernathy would say, just remember who the enemy is.
"I Am A Nerd", Poetry Interpretation
Natalie Meany, D1, Diablo Valley College
"Best-in-state" at CCCFA State championship, Low-Cume Gold.
Poetry Interpretation is when a speaker takes multiple pieces of poetry, song, and/or free verse spoken word and weaves the pieces together to form a program that focuses around one central idea. The black binder is used as representation that the person is not using his or her own words but is instead using another authors words and interpreting the literature around one point.
Pieces used can be found in their entirety:
"This Isn't Hogwarts";
Excerpts taken from "Brotherhood 2.0";
"Hey Molly";
As always, you can find more of my face here;
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Thank you for watching."


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