2010 Dobson Invitational Impromptu Finals

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this is funny. what is this!?

charles, you are not in this round. (HAHA)

From what I can gather this is a pretty awesome way to have highly informal and hilarious Impromptu finals, lol! Kinda makes you wonder how another tourney can even top this.  Any ideas, lol?

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the funny thing is jimmy quian at the end of the video actually got second haha

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lol, o rly?  Great for him!  I so want to do this at a tourney one day.  Looks like a lot of fun

I don't quite get all the talking in the room... doesn't look like a legitimate tournament set up?? Nothing impromptu happens until 2:20-ish. Probably funny if you go to the school, but otherwise, not really an actual tournament impromptu.

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I wonder if they'll do something like that this year.  My school decided to go, and suddenly I'm so excited to compete there!  Please do something like this!!!

And obviously this clip is just showing the giving of the topic, not the speeches themselves.  Duh, CoachKo.

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