Original Oratory Vocal Delivery

After you have written your Original Oratory begins the process of preparing the delivery.  An Original Oratory's script may be brilliant, but if the vocals do not support the words than your speech might lack the oomph needed for a high rank.  This is a speaking event and it cannot be won by words and thought alone.  In many regards Original Oratory is like watching a political debate.  We tell ourselves that only the platform matters, yet on some level a slick talker, who may have the exact same idea as the person next to them, can garner your confidence with more ease.  So, as you enter into the speech delivery aspect of Original Oratory keep these simple vocal rules in mind:

  1. Be heard.  If people cannot hear you then they will lose interest and no longer care what you have to say.  Your Original Oratory could be the smartest of the round's, but if no one can hear it does not matter.  By default you become a low rank because your audience hears 1/3 of your speech.  Even if there is white noise, such as the air conditioner, you need to increase your vocal levels to be heard.  Always be keeping tabs of your projection levels as you deliver your piece and adjust accordingly.  Yelling, or being too loud, is not good either. 
  2. Be clear.  Diction is absolutely necessary for a strong speech.  Therefore, work on your articulation and the hitting of all your consonants.  An easy way to improve is to over-emphasize your diction while practicing.  As you become better with landing all your vowel and consonant sounds, then you can begin to pull back and speak "normal," because your normal speech should now have a crisper sound.  As you over-emphasize, if you look ridiculous in practice doing sample sentences you are doing it right.
  3. Slow down.  What constitutes regular speaking speed in daily conversation is usually WAY too fast for an Original Oratory.  Slow down Speed Racer!  Most speakers feel as if they are talking too slowly when they hit the right speed, so do not be alarmed.  Do however rehearse your speech speed at practice to be sure you are not over-compensating and moving at a sloth's pace--that hardly is the case though!
  4. Be passionate!  These are your words, show your love of them.  Personally, an Original Oratory that is delivered with a hermetically sealed cover is boring.  Speakers who believe their words and show attachment towards them get audience support.  Do not be afraid of using dynamics of volume or speed (loud to soft, fast to slow or vice versa).  Incorporate tone and pitch as well into your delivery.  Feel your words.  Do not act them out, but show some emotion.  If there is a sarcastic joke in your speech it is okay to use sarcasm.  A little chuckle if appropriate is good too.  Be professional, but leave the notion of being a robot behind.

That's it.  Four easy-to-follow guidelines for the vocal delivery of any Original Oratory.  Simple though they are, being aware of these basic speaking principles can help you stand out from your competition.  Original Oratory delivery is about being comfortable, and nothing projects confidence quite like strong vocals.