Original Oratory Support

Part of what helps to make a great Original Oratory, or any speech/paper, is to have a fully-developed speech.  The amount of body paragraphs you use when writing your piece is negligible.  Most writers will hold that a paper should have no standard amount of paragraphs, but rather body paragraph amount should be dictated by what works best for your work.  Besides, length does not make a well-developed Original Oratory; it is the content that matters.  A few points of good development you should remember are:

  1. Reliable resources.  An Original Oratory is essentially a research paper.  As most of you already know from school, a vital aspect to any research paper is using sources that can be trusted.  Reliability is somewhat subjective, but be safe and use sources that have credibility behind their name.  Most professional journals and magazines, such as The Economist, are acceptable.  Wikipedia is unacceptable.  Look for material that is not overly biased and which presents "the facts."
  2. Do not bend the truth.  Just as you are to search for reliable resources, you too must be truthful.  Taking an article's words and twisting them to fit your needs is irresponsible and unethical.  This can be as simple as omitting a portion of dialogue from a citation.  Anything that alters the author's intent purposely is wrong. 
  3. Proper level of support.  For every main idea of support your Original Oratory offers, there needs to be an appropriate amount of sub-points to support that claim.  Forensics is not the 5th grade where saying "because I said so" is an argument.  For every main point (or body paragraph) there will be 2-3 sub-points of analysis and additional support related to the main point that expands and solidifies its claim.
  4. Ask why.  In order to get that deep level of analysis required for superior support you need to take your main points and ask "why."  Why is that important?  Okay, you can use words like "what" too, but the idea is to question the idea and figure out what its true impact is.  What is its function?  How does it influence others?  Whatever questions apply to your point, ask them.  By questioning an idea you are helping yourself push for a higher-level of analysis.  Listing facts is weak.  You need to thoroughly explain WHY they are important.

Analysis is a skill that takes time to master, but it can be done.  It must be done.  Original Oratory pieces need to be more than just a listing of facts.  And adhering to these tips will help improve anyone's speech support.