Newcastle Speech and Debate Cheats


Newcastle speech and debate team is the dirtiest team that exists in South Dakota or Wyoming. At the Hole-In-The-Wall District National Qualifying Tournament, they had family members of competing teams judging the semi-finals round. Several Public Forum teams were dropped by these judges with no coments on the ballots. After the round these "judges" asked to see teams' evidence, and then wrote it down and gave it to their sister's team for the final round.

NFL (National Forensics League) Membership Oath

            "As a member of the National Forensic League,

             I pledge to uphold the highest standards of

             integrity, humility, respect, leadership and

             sevice in the pursuit of excellence."

Even though their Public Forum teams may be going to nationals this year, it is no real victory because everyone knows that they CHEATED!!!


Also, the Newcastle Debate team coach Joseph Whitney was arrested on charges of child pornography, here are two links of the article.