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When I was a competitor, my Senior Year at Dimond High School was quite possibly my most successful year in DDF. I ended up being nominated for and was also selected to be, the Athlete of the Month! Sports teams whined about it, but we all received a letter for our jackets for being on the team. Since my win, it's now regular for Dimond High to offer DDF competitors Athlete of the Month awards without any complaints. It's cool to be the pioneer :-).
I was a first place winner, for the most part, in all sorts of categories. Competed for Quincy Senior High in Quincy, IL my sophomore year (1984-85), moved to Anchorage, AK where we lived near Bartlett High my Junior Year (1985-86) then moved for my senior year to finish high school at A. J. Dimond High School (1986-87). Competing as a performer has made me the strong and strong-willed woman I am now. In fact, not only am I a professionally paid performing artist (which is what I actually do for a living), I also teach Stand Up Comedy part time at a local Vocational High School. The school I teach at is now in it's infancy with a performing arts department only 2 years old (plus, the only Vocational Tech High School to offer any performing arts studies). My plan, due to the performing artists at vocational high schools being the only major which does not have any form of competition against other schools, is to create our own Speech/Drama team here in Massachusetts. The very first Vocational Tech High School with a speech/drama team AND a full time Performing Arts Major, which makes us the pioneers of all Vocational schools in this category! I know that we are being watched closely, so I am trying not to be too bossy while I start our own Forensics team. The Drama and Theatre kids need major work too, the teachers know somewhat how to teach the kids, but they are looking pretty sloppy now as far as rehearsals and performances are concerned. This is going to be tough, I hope that I have a few friends during my adventure to help out the department! OH, yes, about me...I am 43, with 40 years of experience on the stage and in television. I've always wanted to be a professional actress or work somehow in the industry for my career and am one of the few people that can actually say I have achieved my childhood dream job. My saying is "If you love what you do for a living, you will never work a day in your life." I also stress to students that if they would never do all of the work an actor has to do, free of charge, then they need to search for another profession. There is no way I would ever choose show business as a job if I hated any of the hard work or if I never felt that I'd be ok if nobody paid me a cent. I have a beautiful Victorian home with antiques, 2 kids, animals, we love to garden, I love to cook and can my creations, my hubby and I have been happily married 22 years and he is a disabled-retired Army veteran. Life is good...