Original Oratory
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Biggest Accomplishment
First place in Original Oratory regarding a statewide chemical disaster in Michigan/First place in Sweepstakes
I'm a "seasoned" alumni of Taylor Center High School, in Taylor, Michigan. My love of learning, as well as teaching, led me to become involved first, in Debate, and then in Public Speaking in general. When I had the opportunity to participate in my high school's Forensics Sweepstakes, (performing in several different categories, such as Radio News, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous Speech, and so forth) I jumped at it. As it turned out, I was rewarded richly. I now am very active in my church, which since it has a lay ministry often requires that I speak in front of a congregation. Because of what I learned in Debate and "Speech", I have confidence when I stand and address audiences, or even teach within my own home.