Joey Lutes

Dramatic Interpretation
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Biggest Accomplishment
1st place in my prelims round with my current DI, first time having performed it in front of others. Hopefully I can make some bigger accomplishments soon.
Heya, I'm Joey, and I compete in a lot of categories. My main one is Dramatic Interp, but I also do Prose, Duo, Duet, and sometimes Original Oratory and Humorous Interp. My current piece is from Dog Sees God- Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. I also currently do Duo with David Williams, and our scene is from Fight Club. I started performing in TFA (Texas Forensics Association) Because my Director, V, showed me a piece that I quickly fell in love with. I didn't get very far with the piece my first year, but I was hooked. My plans for next year are doing all six of the above mentioned categories (DI, Duo, Duet, OO, HI, and Prose). I have all six picked out, and I will probably post some performances of some of my pieces (Past, present, and possible future ones) soon.