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My two sons and the birth of the Duval Urban Debate League and Community Debate Council.
Mr. Jermyn Shannon EL is a self taught, 15 year, social entrepreneur-philanthropists, marketing guru, IT and education consultant. In 2000, Mr. Shannon EL co-founded, an information and resource guide to the African Diaspora community. For the past 10 years he has diligently provided the vision and strategic growth of the company's brand identity, information technology, business intelligence and consulting services. His experience in community and civic affairs, combined with an innovative approach to broadband education, training, and web services, is the catalyst behind Blacksonville's unique business model. An effort that has expanded the company's services and unique brand throughout ethnic media and corporate diversity circles globally. Dedicated to new leadership for the futurists of innovation, in 2008 Jermyn branded the word "Digipreneurship", a training curriculum to fill the void for youth, adults in transition, and seniors seeking training and guidance in e-Business ownership. He dedicates one day per week in free training seminars for potential 'digipreneurs' interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy. Over the years Mr. Shannon EL has consulted hundreds of entrepreneurs, marketing and IT executives across the U.S. Past clients include the Black Pages USA, various Chambers of Commerce, TransCorp International, Creflo Dollar Ministries, the Willie Gary Foundation, Florida Conference of Black State Legislators, The Southeast Region Links, Duval County Public Schools, and the City of Jacksonville, to name a few. An alum of five universities, including Ohio Wesleyan, Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark, Mr. Shannon EL obtained a double major in 1995, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in both Intercultural Communications (with a Pre-law emphasis) and African Studies from Florida State University. In addition to successfully managing the day-to-day affairs at BCN, Jermyn enjoys reading, writing and researching new solutions to empower urban communities. A proud father of two, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and networking. Challenging, diverse, captivating and powerful are a few words that describe Jermyn. A visionary with a gift to bring about change in the lives of those who encounter him personally and professionally. Jermyn Shannon EL, considered by many as “one to follow”, is an exemplification of 21 century "futurist leadership".