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Julian Crown PFD Accolades: 2nd Place at the 2011 NFL National Tournament, 2011 California State Champion, 2010 California State Semi-Finalist, 2009 California State Runner-Up, 2010 Stanford Invitational Champion, 2011 Semi-Finalist at the Berkeley Invitational Tournament, 2011 Semi-Finalist at Laird Lewis Invitational. Rankings: Julian and his partner Ashwath were ranked as the 6th best team in the nation by based on their cumulative perfomance in 2011. Jordan Olmstead PFD Accolades: 5th Place at the 2011 NFL National Tournament, 2011 Stanford Invitational Champion, 2011 Berkeley Round Robin Invitational Champion, Semi-Finalist at the 2011 California State Tournament. Rankings: Jordan and his partner were ranked as the 13th best team in the nation by based on their cumulative performance in 2011.
We didn't use briefs when we debated. We found that most were unorganized, redundant, and shallow in terms of research and analysis. So we did our own research, and together went on to win numerous accolades including: Stanford Champion (twice), Berkely Semi-Finalist, Laird Lewis Semi-Finalist, Berkeley Round Robin Co-Champion, California State Semi-Finalist (twice), California State Finalist, California State Champion, 5th at the National Tournament, and Runner-Up at the National Tournament. Now that we've graduated, we want to take what we learned from our experiences at the highest levels of Public Forum and publish a brief which provides debaters with an unparralled quality of research and analysis, so they can have a head start in garnering the knowledge, and conceptual grasp of the topic necessary to feel confident going into every round, no matter how late in the tournament, or what team they see next to them on postings. So come visit our website and check out our briefs. Hurry now, and take advantage of our special limited-time promotional offer: December Briefs can be downloaded for FREE until December 1st! Take a look. We at BidRoundBriefs believe you won't be disappointed. In addition, please take the time to fill out this short, ten question survey to help us ensure we provide the best quality briefs possible. Thanks, BidRoundBriefs

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