National Forensic League



League Information

The National Forensics League is a nationwide organization that gives high school students the opportunity to polish their speaking/acting skills, compete in regulated National tournaments, and be a part of a lifelong organization that promotes solid speaking skills and intelligence. Bruno E. Jacob began to contemplate the foundation of the NFL when asked if there was an honor society for high school debaters. Realizing such a thing did not exits, Jacob drafted a proposal and in 1925 the NFL was born. It is now the oldest and largest honor society for speech and debate high school students. The NFL continues to exude excellence by promoting achievement in debate, speech, and academics. For instance, the NFL awards around $153, 000 in college scholarships every year to help members who otherwise might not be able to afford college.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: J. Scott Wunn

President: William (Billy) Woods Tate, Jr.

Vice President: Don Crabtree

Events Offered 

Student Congress, Lincoln/Douglas Debate, Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, International Extemp, U.S. Extemp, Original Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation

Supplemental/Consolation: Expository Address, Extemp Commentary, Impromptu Speaking, Poetry Reading, Prose Reading, Storytelling

2009 Finalists 

2009 "Stars Fell on Alabama" NFL Nationals (June 14-19, 2009)

Hosted by the Deep South District

Birmingham, Alabama

Top Ten Teams in Speech

1. 1378 Chesterton H.S., IN

2. 1376 Neosho H.S., MO

3. 1360 Lincoln East H.S., NE

4. 1292 Parkview H.S., MO

5. 1291 Appleton East H.S., WI

6. 1288 Albuquerque Academy, AZ

7. 1270 Plano Sr. H.S., TX

8. 1268 Holy Ghost Prep, PA

9. 1195 Regis H.S., NY

10. 1189 West HS-Iowa City, IA

School of Excellence Awards (Speech)

Desert Vista H.S., AZ (Victor Silva)

Bellarmine College Prep, CA (Kim C. Jones and Bill Healy)

Gabrielino H.S., CA (Derek Yuill)

James Logan H.S., CA (Tommie Lindsey, Jr.)

Plymouth H.S., IN (David McKenzie)

Eagan H. S., MN (Joni Anker)

Eastview H.S., MN (James Fedje and Meg Krekeler)

Roseville Area H.S., MN (Jodi Kyllonen, Jessica Fedje, Bret Hemmerlin)

Liberty H.S., MO (Sean Nicewaner)

Cardinal Mooney H.S., OH (April Sauline)

Holy Ghost Prep, PA (Tony Figliola & John Buettler)

Harlingen South H.S., TX (Lee Ann Ince)

School of Excellence Awards (Debate)

Bellarmine College Prep. CA (Kim C. Jones and Christopher Wolf)

James Logan H.S., CA (Tommie Lindsey, Jr.)

Monte Vista H.S. CA (David Matley)

Hillcrest H.S., ID (Laura Swenson and Amy Walker)

Walt Whitman H.S., MD (Anjan Choudhury St. Andrew's Episcopal H.S., MS Dr. Randy Patterson and Mark McNeil)

Park Hill H.S., MO (Jennifer F. Holden)

Lincoln East H.S., NE (Douglas Frank)

Ridge H.S., NJ (David Yastremski)

Stuyvesant H.S., NY (Julie Sheinman, Tim Janas, Thorn Chen, and Caitlin Halpern)

Durham Academy, NC (Jeff Welty)

Wooster H.S., OH (Ned Lauver)

La Salle College H.S., PA (Raymond Shay)

Southside H.S., SC (Erickson Bynum)

Bellaire H.S., TX (Jay Stubbs)

Northland Christian H.S., TX (Kevin Roberts)

School of Excellence Awards (All Events)

Bellarmine College Prep, CA (Kim C. Jones)

James Logan H.S., CA (Tommie Lindsey, Jr.)

Eagan H.S., MN (Joni Anker)

Winston Churchill H.S., TX (Kandi King, Brian Eanes', and Dylan Pearcy)

Humorous Interpretation

6. Whitney Hartzell (O'Gorman HS, SD)

5. Joe Brenckle (Louisville Senior HS, OH)

4. Andrew Langdon (Plymouth HS, IN)

3. Michael Dayne Lathrop (Corpus Christi Carroll HS, TX)

2. Ryan Vasquez (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

1. Lindsey White (Eastview HS, MN)

University of Alabama "Bama " Bowl: Ryan Vasquez

Dramatic Interpretation

6. Jenny Gladstone (Desert Vista HS, AZ)

5. Taylor Misiak (Eastview HS, MN)

4. Michael Dahlgren (Holy Ghost Prep, PA)

3. Elias Abdalla (Gregory Portland HS, TX)

2. Jacob Abell (Ouray HS, CO)

1. Jane Bruce (Ogden HS, UT)

University of Alabama "Bama " Bowl: Elias Abdalla

Duo Interpretation

6. Luke Fernandez & John Reynolds (Harlingen HS South, TX)

5. Aaron Straka & Lauren Stopfer (Eagan HS, MN)

4. Joshua Evans & Robert Knapp (Eagan HS, MN)

3. Brian Johnson & Hanna Durfee (Denfeld HS, MN)

2. Greta Besser & Adam Bouchareb (Lakeville North HS, MN)

1. Ismael Williams & Drake Pough (James Logan HS, CA)

University of Alabama "Bama " Bowl: D176 Brian Johnson & Hanna Durfee

Original Oratory

6. Rory Squire  (Madison County HS, VA)

5. Joe Thomas (Eagan HS, MN)

4. Alexandra Elam (Plano Sr HS, TX)

3. Alphonce Mshomba (Holy Ghost Prep, PA)

2. Morgan Booksh (McNeil HS, TX)

1. John Hofmeister (Apple Valley HS, MN)

Mr. & Mrs. Donus D. Roberts President's Bowl: John Hofmeister

Extemporaneous Speaking—United States

6. John Mern (Taravella HS, FL)

5. Tyler D. Fabbri (Chesterton HS, IN)

4. Alex Draime (Howland HS, OH)

3. Nicholas Cugini (Cypress Ridge HS, TX)

2. Taman Narayan (Leland HS, CA)

1. Evan Larson (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

Mr. & Mrs. Donus D. Roberts United States Extemp President's Bowl: Taman Narayan

Extemporaneous Speaking—International

6. Ryan Pollock (Mt. Lebanon Sr HS, PA)

5. Sesenu Woldemariam (Lamar HS, TX)

4. Luke R. Brinker (Topeka HS, KS)

3. Jacob Baker (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

2. Will Rafey (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

1. Stacey Chen (North Allegheny Sr HS, PA)

Mehta International Extemp Bowl: Stacey Chen

Debate Top Speakers

1. Vijay Sridharan (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

2. Eric Johnson (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

3. Colin Quinn (Glenbrook South H.S., IL)

4. Katryna Cadle (Bishop Guertin H.S., NJ)

5. Patrick Githens (Olathe North H.S., KS)

6. Carl Fitz (A & M Consolidated H.S., TX)

7. Sam Miller (Vermillion H.S., SD)

8. Christopher Power (Bishop Guertin H.S., NH)

9. Mike Selck (Blue Springs H.S., MO)

10. Mario Feola (Rowland Hall-St. Mark's H.S., UT)

Policy Debate

6. (TIE) Patrick Githens & Kendall Kaut (Olathe North HS, KS) AND Colin Quinn & Will Thibeau (Glenbrook South HS, IL)

5. Andrew Murray & Alexander Nasr (Colleyville Heritage HS, TX)

4. Sejal Parekh & Chander Ramesh (Saint Francis HS, CA)

3. Mario Feola & Andrew Arsht (Rowland Hall-St Mark, UT)

2. Patrick Berger & Justin Chan (James Logan HS, CA)

1. Sean Hernandez & Reid Ehrlich-Quinn (Damien HS, CA)

Public Forum Debate

6. Katherine E. Thornton & Marshall Cottrell (Brentwood HS, TN)

5. Itai Farhi & Tom Niblock (Walt Whitman HS, MD)

4. Brian Zakarin & Mickael Silangil (Taravella HS, FL)

3. Brian McGarry & Ben Shantz (Central HS-Springfield, MO)

2. Shruti Jaishankar & Aditya Gulanikar (St Andrew's Episcopal School, MS)

1. Josh Zoffer & Robert Kindman (Durham Academy, NC)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

6. Danielle Smogard (Greenhill School, TX)

5. Adam Gerchick (The Potomac School, VA)

4. Stephen Lurie (Cherry Creek HS, OH)

3. Aparna Ramanan (Leland HS, CA)

2. Jake Nebel (Trinity Preparatory School, FL)

1. Shivani Vohra (Hockaday School, TX)

Expository Speaking

6. Diana Cater (Silverton HS, OR)

5. Madeleine Heil (Presentation HS, CA)

4. Samuel Leake (Sterling HS, KS)

3. Maurice Cunningham (Fullerton Joint Union HS, CA)

2. Szuyin Leow (Apple Valley HS, MN)

1. Evan M. Hernandez (Wichita East HS, KS)

Extemp Commentary

6. William Drevo (Crete HS, NE)

5. Teagan Alexander Lende (Fargo Shanley HS, ND)

4. Kevin Coltin (Brophy College Prep, AZ)

3. Andrew Connery (Norman HS, OK)

2. Mason Scott Lende (Fargo Shanley HS, ND)

1. Anuv Ratan (Claremont HS, CA)

Poetry Reading

6. Jennifer L. McCarthy (Downers Grove South H.S., IL)

5. Kathryn Cotton (Desert Vista H.S., AZ)

4. Jonathon Spence (Wauwatosa West H.S., WI)

3. Darius Wilson (Blue Springs H.S., MO)

2. Andrew Philip Asper (Ronald Reagan H.S., TX)

1. Andy LaRocca (Riverdale H.S., LA)

Prose Reading

6. Alex Maranto  (Stony Point H.S., TX)

5. Jenna Huebner (Appleton East H.S., WI)

4. Alexandra Kattan (Munster H.S., IN)

3. Robert Jackson (Hastings H.S., TX)

2. Andrew J. Knight (Spring H.S., TX)

1. Vanessa Garcia (Fullerton Joint Union H.S., CA)

Impromptu Speaking

6. Kara Tapangan (Harlingen H.S. South, TX)

5. Daniel Raborn (Comeaux H.S., LA)

4. Katie Hoag (Flathead H.S., MT)

3. Rebecca Moberly (Plymouth H.S., IN)

2. Chelsey Rice-Davis (Downers Grove South H.S., CA)

1. Jessica Petrie (Belleville West H.S., IL)


6. Hannah Claire Andrews (Ravenwood HS, TN)

5. Karina Devine (Eastview HS, MN)

4. Megan Fountain (Montgomery HS, TX)

3. Emma Cadd (Liberty Sr. HS, MO)

2. Tyler Dailey (Blue Springs HS, MO)

1. Francis Ian Blaise Austin (New Trier Township HS, IL)

Congressional Debate (Senate)

6. Tom Tasche (Elk Grove HS, IL)

5. Kalyan Venkertraj (A & M Consolidated HS, TX)

4. Anthony Paranzino (Bellarmine College Prep, CA)

3. Nipun Bhandari (Monte Vista HS - Danville, CA)

2. Daniel Blackman (Needham HS, MA)

1. Robert Colonel (Winter Springs HS, FL)

Congressional Debate (House)

6. Louise Lu (Bellaire HS, TX)

5. Sebastian DeLuca (Monte Vista HS - Danville, CA)

4. Rahul Sangal (Plano East Senior High School, TX)

3. Michael Pudlow (Munster HS, IN)

2. Geoffrey Block (Trinity Preparatory School, FL)

1. Harlan Downs-Tepper (Stuyvesant HS, NY)