Kentucky High School Speech League



League Information

This Kentucky High School Speech League promotes students getting involved in competition of academic nature while forming comprehension of debate, drama, and speech. The league offers the chance for speech, debate, and drama competition. The KHSSL also wishes to better the critical thinking, speaking, listening, and acting skills of the league’s members. The KHSSL is the oldest league in the state.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: Christopher Medina

Events Offered 

Varsity LD debate, Novice LD Debate, Varsity Policy Debate, Novice Policy Deabte, Student Congress, Broadcasting, Dramatic Interpreation, Duo Acting/Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Improvisational Duo Acting, Oratorical Declamation, Original Oratory, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Solo Acting, Storytelling

2009 Finalists 


Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Elizabeth Fryman (Henry Clay)

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate 2008: Helen Sauer (Henry Clay)

Varsity Policy Debate: Jacob DeLong and Andrew Muscha (Scott Co.)

Novice Policy Debate: Caitlin Lacey and Carly Lacey (Grant Co.)

Student Congress: Sebastian Pyrek (Danville)

Debate Sweepstakes: Larry Ryle

Broadcasting: John Cowgill (Henry Clay)

Dramatic Interpretation: Kyle Snapp (Danville)

Duo Acting/Interpretation (Event name changed to Duo Interpretation in 1991): Grant Wallace and Leeann Kenney (Grant Co.)

Extemporaneous Speaking: Sebastian Pyrek (Danville)

Humorous Interpretation: Amanda Moler (Danville) 

Impromptu Speaking: Hunter Kendrick (Danville)

Improvisational Duo Acting: Jill Richardson and Chrisena Ricci (Lafayette)

Oratorical Declamation: Tyler Olinger (Hazard HS)

Original Oratory: Amelia Reesor (Assumption)

Poetry Interpretation: Joe Gunning (Bethlehem)

Prose Interpretation (2007): Jimmy Houlihan (Central Hardin)

Solo Acting (2007): Brad Black (Murray)

Storytelling (2007): Daniel Noble (Corbin)