Kansas Forensics



League Information

The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) strives to ensure that the middle and high school students of the state “gain a balanced preparation for life, work, and post-secondary education (as stated by the league's website).” One of the guiding principles is that of promoting sportsmanship in all sports and activities so students learn the value of healthy competition and citizenship. The Association has 427 Jr. High and 370 High Schools as members. Member schools include accredited public and private schools. The Association is divided into an Executive Board, Board of Directors, and an Appeal Board which manages the affairs of the organization, makes/reforms laws, and interprets rules/rulings accordingly. The KSHSAA was officially formed in 1937, using the groups Debate League and Athletic Association as models (both were formed around 1910 and run by principals). What started as a small, voluntary group of 50 schools grew to 500 by the ‘20s. And by 1927 a Board of Control was necessary to properly run the Association. The Association is divided into classifications ranging from 6A-1A based on size. The KSHSAA is the administrative body that oversees all the forensics competitions within Kansas.

Key Officers 

President: Eric Armstrong Class 5A Representative

Vice-President: Galen Unruh Class 2A Representative

Secretary-Treasurer: Eugene Haydock BOE Representative

Class 6A Representative: Bill Faflick

At-Large Representative: Robert Gonzales

Class 1A Representative: Darrin Herl

Class 3A Representative: Mike Hubka

Middle/Jr. High Representative: Bruce Krase

Class 4A Representative: David Morford

KSBE Representative: Janet Waugh

Events Offered 

Solo Acting-Humorous, Humorous Interpretation, Solo Acting-Serious, Dramatic Interpretation, Oral Interpretation of Prose, Oral Interpretation of Poetry, Duet Acting, Duo Interpretation, Improvised Duet Acting, Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Informative Speaking, Original Oration Speech, Impromptu, Lincoln Douglas Debate,

2009 Finalists 


Class 6A
1. (Overland Park—Blue Valley North) Max Brown, Coach
2. (Garden City) Russ Tidwell, Coach
3. (Topeka) Pam McComas, Coach

Class 5A
1. (Salina Central) Nicholas Owen, Coach
2. (Topeka—Seaman) David Ralph, Coach
3. (Lansing) Melissa Rohrer, Coach

Class 4A
1. (Fort Scott) Brian Weilert, Coach
2. (Buhler) Jeriah Forbes, Coach
3. (Tonganoxie) Steve Harrell, Coach

Class 3A
1. (Sterling) Marilee Kruse & Betsy Dutton, Co-Coaches
2. (St. George—Rock Creek) Keith Miller, Coach
3. (Silver Lake) Gail Naylor, Coach

Class 2A
1. (Moundridge) Mark Stucky, Coach
2. (Minneapolis) Joella Bergman, Coach
3. (Salina—Sacred Heart) Terre Rohleder, Coach

Class 1A
1. (Quinter) Sue Ann Tebo, Coach
2. (Jetmore) Brenda MacNair, Coach
3. (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy) Doug Weaver, Coach

Solo Acting-Humorous

Class 5A

1. Brandon Daley (Salina Central)

2. CJ Lopez (Topeka—Seaman)

3. Courtney Train (Salina Central)

4. Brandon Densen (Salina Central)

5. Aaron Keeling (Lansing)

6. Courtney Bollig (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

Class 4A

1. Gray Henry (Colby)

2. Baker Weilert (Fort Scott)

3. Chelsey Moore (Wichita—Trinity Academy)

4. Mercades Price (Caney—Caney Valley)

5. Dallas Lawrence (Kingman)

6. Nick Valen (Mulvane)

Class 3A

1. Brandon McGehee (Cherokee—Southeast)

2. Sam Leake (Sterling)

3. Emily Walker (Sterling)

4. Jordan Klima (Hoisington)

5. Jerod Barker (Silver Lake)

6. Cassandra Williams (Ellinwood)

Class 2A

1. Ben Mazsurek (Pittsburg—St. Mary’s Colgan)

2. James Krotz (Belleville—Republic County)

3. Darsha Bechard (Belleville—Republic County)

4. Alyssa Baker (Minneapolis)

5. Olivia Towner (Pittsburg—St. Mary’s Colgan)

6. Jacob Wagner (Bennington)

Class 1A

1. Kyle Nuss (Jetmore)

2. Hayley Funk (Quinter)

3. Jared Polifka (Quinter)

4. Edward Machen (Quinter)

5. Chad Ostermann (Sylvan Grove—Sylvan Unified)

6. Leah Shriwise (Jetmore)

Humorous Interpretation

Class 6A

1. Shane Rogers (Haysville—Campus)

2. Adrianna Turner (Wichita East)

3. Tom Browne (Topeka)

4. Carina Fowler (Lawrence)

5. Shaelynn French (Derby)

6. Emily Boresow (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

Solo Acting-Serious

Class 5A

1. Allison Yaple (Salina Central)

2. Jenny Curatola (Lansing)

3. Brandon Jensen (Salina Central)

4. Collin Stephens (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

5. Jessica Barranco (Topeka—Seaman)

6. Emilie Dowding (Topeka—Seaman)

Class 4A

1. Erin Allen (Fort Scott)

2. Stephanie Pounds (Kansas City—Sumner Academy)

3. Garrett Baugher (Fort Scott)

4. Mary Trimble (Chanute)

5. Taylor Coney (Lindsborg—Smoky Valley)

6. Tara Mollhagen (Towanda—Circle)

Class 3A

1. Megan Walker (Sterling)

2. Jake Maryott (Silver Lake)

3. Morgan Eichman (St. George—Rock Creek)

4. Mattithyah Tillotson (Whitewater—Remington)

5. Shelby Meyer (Gypsum—Southeast of Saline)

6. Chelsie McCullough (Rossville)

Class 2A

1. James McCullough (Hill City)

2. Christina Thomsen (Smith Center)

3. Marike Stucky (Moundridge)

4. Ashley Setzkorn (Spearville)

5. Veronica Rottinghaus (Seneca—Nemaha Valley)

6. Scott Hartman (Salina—Sacred Heart)

Class 1A

1. Amie Mumma (Dighton)

2. McKenzie Gee (Stafford)

3. Louren Morton (Jetmore)

4. Kristie Gutierrez (Quinter)

5. Marco Erives (Jetmore)

6. Lauren Goans (Jetmore)

Dramatic Interpretation

Class 6A 

1. Adrianna Turner (Wichita East)

2. Catie Buckley (Manhattan)

3. Emily Boresow (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

4. Jordan Partin (Garden City)

5. Emily Cox (Wichita East)

6. Tom Browne (Topeka)

Oral Interpretation of Prose

Class 6A

1. Shaun Sutton (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

2. Amanda Dahna (Dodge City)

3. Mandy Browning (Olathe South)

4. Carina Fowler (Lawrence)

5. Cari Crittenden (Wichita East)

6. Sam Perez (Garden City)

Class 5A

1. Brandon Hoesli (Salina South)

2. Lexi Copeland (Hays)

3. Julie Crooks (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

4. Emilie Dowding (Topeka—Seaman)

5. Braxton Hunt (Topeka West)

6. Stephen Reece (Shawnee—Mill Valley)

Class 4A

1. Jazmyne Preston (Kansas City—Sumner Academy)

2. Alex Piazza (Iola)

3. Zach Hendrickson (Buhler)

4. Allison Wegner (Wichita—Trinity Academy)

5. Haley Field (Tonganoxie)

6. Nick Valin (Mulvane)

Class 3A

1. TJ Roberts (St. George—Rock Creek)

2. Trask Engel (Gypsum—Southeast of Saline)

3. Brady Hudson (Marion)

4. Courtney Large (Wellsville)

5. Kelly Johnson (Lyons)

6. Brooke Johnson (Marion)

Class 2A

1. Luke Hughes (Meade)

2. Caleb Kindall (Minneapolis)

3. Aubrey Oxandale (Bennington)

4. Jared Mazurek (Pittsburg—St. Mary’s Colgan)

5. Alyssa Baker (Minneapolis)

6. Ashley Laas (Salina—Sacred Heart)

Class 1A 

1. Julie Buttenhoff (Lincoln)

2. Curtis Koehn (Coldwater—South Central)

3. Hayley Funk (Quinter)

4. Edward Machen (Quinter)

5. Julia Davidson (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy)

6. Kerra Cissne (Lincoln)

Oral Interpretation of Poetry

Class 6A

1. Devin Burns (Olathe South)

2. Lucas Chavez (Garden City)

3. Todd Wells (Garden City)

4. Ashley Kennedy (Lawrence)

5. Audrey Altwies (Olathe South)

6. Alex Larkins (Shawnee Mission South)

Class 5A 

1. Daniel Peck (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

2. Josh Marchello (Topeka—Seaman)

3. Brandon Daley (Salina Central)

4. CJ Lopez (Topeka—Seaman)

5. Phillip Bradshaw (Newton)

6. Josh Whisler (Topeka—Seaman)

Class 4A

1. Nate Hopkins (Basehor-Linwood)

2. Eileen Chase (Iola)

3. Stephanie Pounds (Kansas City—Sumner Academy)

4. Julia Miller (Hesston)

5. Elizabeth Rein (Ottawa)

6. Chelsey Moore (Wichita—Trinity Academy)

Class 3A 

1. TJ Roberts (St George—Rock Creek)

2. Katie McPherson (Sterling)

3. Sam Cott (St. George—Rock Creek)

4. Hannah Lambert (Sterling)

5. Cam McDonald (Riley—Riley County)

6. Nolan Dirks (Hillsboro)

Class 2A 

1. Jenna Myer (Elbing—Berean Academy)

2. Luke Hughes (Meade)

3. Derick Chastain (Moundridge)

4. Ellie Labes (Minneapolis)

5. Christina Thomsen (Smith Center)

6. Rachel Gosser (Oakley)

Class 1A

1. Leah Shriwise (Jetmore)

2. Greg Bradford (Jetmore)

3. Julie Buttenhoff (Lincoln)

4. Lexa Watson (Sylvan Grove—Sylvan Unified)

5. Zach Woolf (Quinter)

6. Marisa Love (Montezuma—South Gray)

Duet Acting

Class 6A

1. Parker Rossier & Taylor Joyce (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

2. Brice Barnard & Scott Bolton (Stilwell—Blue Valley)

3. Shaun Sutton & Aubrey Ireland (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

4. Shawn Nelson & Angie Peterson (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

5. Charla Norquest & Chelsea Koskal (Garden City)

6. Mariah Hostetler & Tanya Chacon (Dodge City)

Class 5A 

1. Austin Keeling & Jenny Curatola (Lansing)

2. Katie Cook & Aaron Keeling (Lansing)

3. Michael Henninger & John Baker (Salina South)

4. Howell & Westoff (Newton)

5. Brandon Hoesli & Madison Dierrich (Salina South)

6. Kimberlyn Wooley & Sarah Owens (Lansing)

Class 4A 

1. Baker Weilert & Jacoby Zielinski (Fort Scott)

2. Kia Simmons & Chris Herman (Fort Scott)

3. Cory Elliott & Kaitlin Mounts (Abilene)

4. Andrew Benage & Jenni Wilson (Fort Scott)

5. Hannah Ozier & Alec Smith (Paola)

6. Ali Sims & Paul Thomas (Ottawa)

Class 3A

1. Morgan Eichman & Nolan Fike (St. George—Rock Creek)

2. Emily Walker & Sam Leake (Sterling)

3. Sam Cott & Torrey Peterson (St. George—Rock Creek)

4. Megan Walker & Dan McPherson (Sterling)

5. Hannah Lambert & Spencer Nowlan (Sterling)

6. Derek Holmer & Rachel Cross (Silver Lake)

Class 2A

1. Jordan Friesen & Ashley Reimer (Meade)

2. Chelsea Mitchell & Ashley Mohney (Seneca—Nemaha Valley)

3. Ashley Horton & Joe Hirsch (Oberlin—Decatur Community)

4. Caleb Kindall & Kendall Perry (Minneapolis)

5. James McCullough & Luke Owen (Hill City)

6. Kelvin Mitchell & Andy Lohmann (Seneca—Nemaha Valley)

Class 1A

1. Pete Esau & Julia Davidson (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy)

2. Jordon Hargitt & Jacee Coberly (Quinter)

3. Kyle Nuss & Lydia Fuqua (Jetmore)

4. Taylor Thurman & Sarah Henry (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy)

5. Greg Bradford & Danielle Schaffer (Jetmore)

6. Toby Waggoner & LaVonne Inloes (Quinter)

Duo Interpretation

Class 6A

1. Will Easley & Adler Roberts (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

2. Kelly Sabates & Tommy Gray (Shawnee Mission East)

3. Devin Burns & Olivia Cruz (Olathe South)

4. Michael DeCoursey & Hannah Powell (Overland Park—Blue Valley North)

5. Chris Carey & Wil Kenney (Shawnee Mission East)

6. Shaelynn French & David Rose (Derby)

Class 5A

1. Spencer Shain & Collin Stephens (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

2. Krehbiel & Holthus (McPherson)

3. Lee Keller & Levi Keller (Topeka—Seaman)

4. Ryan Rubia & Stevon Kline (Valley Center)

5. Norman & Blann (Newton)

6. Allison Yaple & Courtney Tejral (Salina Central)

Improvised Duet Acting

Class 4A 

1. Jacob Gillespie & Alec Smith (Paola)

2. Dylan Calhoon & Phil Morris (Holton)

3. Marah Melvin & Alex Piazza (Iola)

4. Sara Stueve & Josh Witt (Topeka—Hayden)

5. Shiloh Duff & Kaleb Knighton (Scott City—Scott Community)

6. Tate Bowman & Luke Westbrock (Clearwater)

Class 3A

1. Vance Stegman & Kelly Johnson (Lyons)

2. Chris Fischer & Dylan McDonald (Medicine Lodge)

3. Brady Hudson & Brooke Johnson (Marion)

4. Noah Mefford & Kenzie Templeton (Burlington)

5. Justin Griffith & Caleb Goss (Norton Community)

6. Ryan Flynn & Alex Ybarra (Hutchinson—Trinity)

Class 2A 

1. John Helfrich & AJ Horton (Spearville)

2. Audrey Wagner & Aubrey Oxandale (Bennington)

3. Brandon Hattesohl & Ethan Tegethoff (Washington—Washington County)

4. Ben Mazurek & Olivia Towner (Pittsburg—St. Mary’s Colgan)

5. Jordan Friesen & Ashley Reimer (Meade)

6. Michael Claassen & Josh Sommerfeld (Elbing—Berean Academy)

Class 1A 

1. Zach Silvers & Reed Grabill (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy)

2. Jordon Hargitt & Justin Roesch (Quinter)

3. Steven Westrup & Hanna Herd (Coldwater—South Central)

4. Brian Hampel & A.J. Ellis (Tribune—Greeley County)

5. Jenna Ulrich & Wendi Pool (Lucas-Luray)

6. Paul Fraley & Isacc Levin (Dighton)

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Class 6A

1. Josh Dean (Stilwell—Blue Valley)

2. Jonathan Lewallen (Wichita East)

3. Luke Brinker (Topeka)

4. Jessica Berberich (Olathe South)

5. Matt Bevens (Topeka)

6. Hannah Kapp-Klote (Lawrence Free State)

Class 5A 

1. Alek Eskilson (Tecumseh—Shawnee Heights)

2. Maggie Weller (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

3. Bill Newell (Newton)

4. Nick Rundle (Shawnee Mission—Bishop Miege)

5. Danny Hague (Shawnee Mission—Bishop Miege)

6. Davis Mattek (Salina Central)

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Class 6A 

1. Audrey Ballard (Manhattan)

2. Kendall Kaut (Olathe North)

3. Anna Hamilton (Topeka)

4. Samantha Nichols (Stilwell—Blue Valley)

5. Brayden Barrientez (Haysville—Campus)

6. Tyler Joe (Maize)

Class 5A 

1. Kristyn Russell (Lansing)

2. Grant Hodges (Salina Central)

3. Eric Benedict (Andover Central)

4. Phillip Bradshaw (Newton)

5. Jonathon Deckert (Tecumseh—Shawnee Heights)

6. Brett Seidl (Valley Center)

Extemporaneous Speaking

Class 4A 

1. Tara Mooreland (Parsons)

2. Daniel Lyon (Fort Scott)

3. Kim Stone (Fort Scott)

4. Sara Carr (Buhler)

5. Tiffany Lin (Coffeyville—Field Kindley)

6. Evan Habluetzal (Buhler)

Class 3A 

1. Dakota Meyers (Hoisington)

2. Nathan Farris (Prairie Village—Kansas City Christain)

3. Mandi Blenn (St. George—Rock Creek)

4. Brett Smith (Sterling)

5. Trent Strunk (Silver Lake)

6. Jake Peterson (Osage City)

Class 2A

1. Kelsea Worrester (Salina—Sacred Heart)

2. Sean Bender (Salina—Sacred Heart)

3. Matt Frey (Moundridge)

4. Natalie Stucky (Moundridge)

5. Gavin Hanson (Salina—Sacred Heart)

6. Marvin Karrasch (Spearville)

Class 1A

1. Alex Jensen (Lincoln)

2. David Lawrence (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy)

3. Jordan Hildebrand (Stafford)

4. Laird Goerzen (Goessel)

5. Gunner Hays (Almena—Northern Valley)

6. Aspen Ulrich (Sylvan Grove—Sylvan Unified)

Informative Speaking

Class 6A

1. Tina Wu (Manhattan)

2. Grace Gaumnitz (Shawnee Mission West)

3. Hannah Joens (Topeka)

4. Courtney Seddon (Derby)

5. Hannah Pauls (Manhattan)

6. Veronica Shipley (Olathe South)

Class 5A 

1. Drew Harger (McPherson)

2. Brett Seidl (Valley Center)

3. Austin Keeling (Lansing)

4. Oscar Lara (Emporia)

5. Luke Bohannon (Lansing)

6. Katie Schmidt (Newton)

Class 4A 

1. Ayesha Naveed (Buhler)

2. Beatrice Black (Wichita—The Independent School)

3. Kenzie Bohren (Buhler)

4. Sarah Swaim (Tonganoxie)

5. Meredith Voren (Kingman)

6. Alyssa Dunlap (Abilene)

Class 3A 

1. Brett Lyman (Ellinwood)

2. Talison Crosby (Sterling)

3. Anna Brashear (Sterling)

4. Torrey Peterson (St. George—Rock Creek)

5. Lindsey Schroeder (Silver Lake)

6. Jestina Matulka (Silver Lake)

Class 2A 

1. Natasha Orpin (Moundridge)

2. Kristyn Harpool (Moundridge)

3. Parker Roth (Minneapolis)

4. Brendan Bergen (Moundridge)

5. Kayla Brzon (Belleville—Republic County)

6. Trevor Mowry (Spearville)

Class 1A 

1. Skyler Wittman (Quinter)

2. Stewart Ott (Kiowa—South Barber)

3. Jamie Briscoe (Lincoln)

4. Danyel Waller (Jetmore)

5. Ransom Gardiner (Ashland)

6. Alyses Crist (Quinter)

Original Oration Speech

Class 6A 

1. Eric Moody (Goddard)

2. Morgan Lott (Garden City)

3. Evan Hernandez (Wichita East)

4. Jessica Berberich (Olathe South)

5. Taylor Nichols (Stilwell—Blue Valley)

6. Varsha Subramanyam (Shawnee Mission South)

Class 5A 

1. Kelsay Foust (Valley Center)

2. McKenna LeClear (Emporia)

3. Katie Gwynn (Overland Park—St. Thomas Aquinas)

4. Alyson Germinder (Shawnee Mission—Bishop Miege)

5. Rachel King (Wichita—Kapaun Mt. Carmel)

6. Sydney Parriot (Salina Central)

Class 4A 

1. Tara Mooreland (Parsons)

2. Khrystal Johnson (Kansas City—Sumner Academy)

3. Alicia Osborne (Tonganoxie)

4. Quint Lockwood (Caney—Caney Valley)

5. Anya Pierson (Wichita—The Independent School)

6. Dennis Pelton (Paola)

Class 3A 

1. Lindsey Schroeder (Silver Lake)

2. Jerod Barker (Silver Lake)

3. Stevie Magnuson (Lyons)

4. Jesi Ball (Sterling)

5. Vance Stegman (Lyons)

6. William Trieb (St. George—Rock Creek)

Class 2A 

1. Dina Lyne (Minneapolis)

2. Kayla Brzon (Belleville—Republic County)

3. Natalie Stucky (Moundridge)

4. Natasha Orpin (Moundridge)

5. Lindsay Collar (Pittsburg—St. Mary’s Colgan)

6. Alyssa Rippe (Oberlin—Decatur Community)

Class 1A 

1. Alex Hoopes (Lawrence—Bishop Seabury Academy)

2. Lydia Fuqua (Jetmore)

3. Hannah Brass (Coldwater—South Central)

4. Connor Staats (Greensburg)

5. Tessa Mader (Quinter)

6. Taylor Schmidt (Greensburg)


Class 6A 

1. Morgan Lott (Garden City)

2. Josh Dean (Stilwell—Blue Valley)

3. Luke Brinker (Topeka)

4. Hannah Kapp-Klote (Lawrence Free State)

5. Andrew Jamison (Goddard)

6. Colton Tatham (Olathe South)

Class 5A

1. Andrew Shaughessy (McPherson)

2. Nick Rundle (Shawnee Mission—Bishop Miege)

3. Brandon Frost (Topeka—Seaman)

4. Rachel Shannon (Hutchinson)

5. Alek Eskilson (Tecumseh—Shawnee Heights)

6. Garrett Mentzer (Topeka—Seaman)

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Class 6A

1. Norin Ansari (Wichita East)

2. Zach Huston (Olathe Northwest)

Tie for 3. Chad Bergman (Olathe Northwest) AND Mili Echeverria (Topeka—Washburn Rural)

5. Andrew Birkinsha (Shawnee Mission West)

6. Alonso Pena (Garden City)

Class 5A 

1. Dustin Mulligan (Tecumseh—Shawnee Heights)

2. Alex Rankin (Topeka West)

Tie for 3. Timothy Lake (Topeka—Seaman) AND Michael Washburn (Wichita—Kapaun Mt. Carmel)

5. Henry Reed (Topeka West)

6. Tait White-Rasmusson (Winfield)

Class 4A 

1. Adam Teel (Buhler)

2. Angel West (Fort Scott)

3. Doug Emerson (Tonganoxie)

4. Adam Park (Kansas City—Sumner Academy)

5. Mat Doyle (Tonganoxie)

6. Nekisha Wheeler (Kansas City—Sumner Academy)

Class 3A 

1. Connie Chan (Marysville)

2. Kyle Klucas (Silver Lake)

3. Jaeton Martin (Silver Lake)

4. April Lewis (Eskridge—Mission Valley)

5. Brenda Stevenson (St. George—Rock Creek)

6. Jeran Fry (St. George—Rock Creek)