Indiana High School Forensic Association



League Information

According to the Constitution of the Indiana High School Forensics Association (IHSFA), their purpose is to improve speech education for the state through both the curriculum and co-curricular speech related activities. It is also specified that the IHSFA will be responsible for providing a State speech competition and advance speech in general. Indiana’s speech territories are divided into seven different areas. Each section elects two representatives that serve two year terms on the Executive Council. The IHSFA regulates all speech related activity within the state, sets rules, and even has a hall of fame for competitors. They also have a code of ethics on how speech morals should be—which only solidifies the organization’s cause to better speech education and not promote winning at all costs. If violations to the code of ethics are ruled valid, then the coach or student can be suspended for a year (if it is a coach, then the whole school could face suspension). The IHSFA takes speech and debate seriously and expects all competitors to do so as well.

Key Officers 

Executive Council:

Section 1: Don Fortner of Munster High School and Chris Lowery (Chesterton High School)

Section 2: Bob Brittain of Columbia City High School and  Kevin Ong (Elkhart Central High School)

Section 3: Kirby Volz of F. W. North Side High Schol and Laura Archbold (F.W. Northrop High School)

Section 4: David Moulton of Perry Meridian High School and Samantha McCandless (Ben Davis High School)

Section 5: Matt Rund of Fishers High School and JD Ferries-Rowe (Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School)

Section 6: Kathy Shroyer of Greensburg High School and Holly Hathaway (Connersville High School)

Section 7: Trey McClain of Evansville North High School and  Jason Broshears (Evansville Central High School)

Events Offered 

Events as sanctioned by the IHSFA’s Constitution: Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Congress, Broadcasting, Declamation, Discussion, International Extemporaneous Speaking, United States Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation Memorized, Duo Interpretation Scripted, Poetry, Prose, Original Oratory, and Original Performance.

2009 Finalists 

Top Debate Teams

1. Chesterton; 63
2. West Lafayette; 55
3. Munster; 52
4. LaPorte; 36
5. Northrop; 23
6. Columbia City; 18.5
7. Valparaiso; 16.5
8. Brebeuf Jesuit; 14.5
9. Penn; 13.5
1. Reitz Memorial; 10

Top in Congress

President of Senate: Jon Tyree (Plymouth)
Speaker of House: Peter Marsh (Brebeuf Jesuit)
Speaker of House: Heena Patwari (Munster)

Top in Senate

1. Nicole Griffetts (Northrop)
2. Alicia Nieves (Munster)
3. Shirin Baradaran (Penn)
4. Audrey Sams (LaPorte)
5. Rebecca Moberly (Plymouth)
6. Erik Stegemiller (North Central)
7. Florence Chen (Penn)
8. Pedro Assad (West Lafayette)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Ankur Chawla (Chesterton)

2. Sue Wang (West Lafayette)

Policy Debate

1. Lauren Anderson and Rachel Osborn (LaPorte)

2. Hannah Coates and Thomas Lienhoop (LaPorte)

Public Forum Debate

1. Luke Morgan and Spenser Hadley (Chesterton)

2. Tyler Fabbri and Syed Shah (Chesterton)


1. Daniel Smedema (Southport)
2. Dylan Massey (FW North Side)
3. Kaleigh Bruhn (Warren Central)
4. Kate Shaffer (Plymouth)
5. Keith Trump (Park Tudor)
6. Anastasia Kilmer (Elkhart Central)


1. Tyler Fabbri (Chesterton)
2. Adam Potrzebowski (Chesterton)
3. Declan Fox (Plymouth)
4. Alicia Nieves (Munster)
5. Trevor Allen (Elkhart Central)
6. Bryton Hiatt (Plymouth)


1. Peter Manges (R Nelson Snider)
2. Jackson Fox (Chesterton)
3. Andy Sanchez (Plymouth)
4. Andy Langdon (Plymouth)
5. Andrea Tate (Connersville)
6. Darius Harris (Ben Davis)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Rebecca Moberly (Plymouth)
2. Adam Potrzebowski (Chesterton)
3. Monte Nelson (Nothrop)
4. Michael Pudlow (Munster)
5. Clint Grable (Carmel)
6. Amos Odonkor (Warren Central)


1. Eric Torres (Ben Davis)
2. Chris McGee (Ben Davis)
3. Keiana Whatley (Ben Davis)
4. Marcell Jones (Ben Davis)
5. Sarah Alberti (Chesterton)
6. David Callahan (LaPorte)

Scripted Duo

1. Daniel Linnear and Sheldon Suggs (Munster)
2. Chad Griewank and Nick Houin (Plymouth)
3. Zach Wendt and Katherine Morrow (Plymouth)
4. Michelle Agunloye and Christina Cooper (Culver Academy)
5. Andrew Thornton and Sami White (Fishers)
6. Clay Green andJessica Roos (Evansville Central)


1. Ryan Farrell (Crown Point)
2. A.J. Alifimoff (Canterbury)
3. Sam Mjalli (Noblesville)
4. James Moore (Northrop)
5. Jodie Goodman (Canterbury)
6. Manhur Grewal (Chesterton)


1. Andy Langdon (Plymouth)
2. Alex Kattan (Munster)
3. Kenn O’Drobinak (Munster)
4. Matt Keeley (Chesterton)
5. Fernando Gonzalez (Concord)
6. Maggie Adams (Warren Central)

Original Oratory

1. Andrew McLaren (Warren Central)
2. Ben Varnum (Munster)
3. Adria Steuer (Warren Central)
4. Andrew Neylon (Fishers)
5. Hayley Miller (Chesterton)
6. Olivia Gordon (Chesterton)

Original Performance

1. Abrell-Freymiller (Culver Acad)
2. Potter-Spicklemire (Warren Central)
3. Bassi-Horn (Warren Central)
4. Matt Keeley (Chesterton)
5. Danielle Weeks (Connersville)
6. Nick Houin (Plymouth)

US Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Declan Fox (Plymouth)
2. Tyler Fabbri (Chesterton)
3. Alex Parobek (Munster)
4. Megan Adamczewski (Chesterton)
5. Scott Borer (Lawrence Central)
6. Tarun Jain (Homestead)

Memorized Duo

1. Yussef Abdelhak and Logan Moore (Warren Central)
2. Brannon Bowers and Jackie McQueen (Warren Central)
3. Audra Casterline and Cory McConville (Fishers)
4. Andy Sanchez and Richard Elm (Plymouth)
5. Jonathan Wachala and Elizabeth Wadas (Munster)
6. Kenn O’Drobinak and Elyse Estes (Munster)


1. Elyse Estes (Munster)
2. Courtney Williams (Warren Central)
3. Jordan Ahlersmeyer (R Nelson Snider)
4. Hope England (Warren Central)
5. Paschina Carnegie (Plymouth)
6. Andy Braden (Elkhart Central)


1. Katherine Morrow (Plymouth)
2. Aaren Kracich (Valparaiso)
3. Mary Beth Spindler (Warren Central)
4. Ben Varnum (Munster)
5. Kurt Alberson (Munster)
6. Radhika Agarwal (Carmel)