Idaho Forensics



League Information

The Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) exists as a means to regulate high school sports, spirit, and speech/debate competitions that happen across the state of Idaho. Schools are classified into one of five categories based on enrollment size. Although, it can be noted that schools of different classification can compete one level above or below them in certain sports. The classification system ranges from 1A—5A. The IHSAA, specifically the speech/debate division called Idaho Mountain Rivers District, is an affiliate of the National Forensics League.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: John Billetz

Chair of the Idaho Mountain Rivers District (part of the Idaho Speech Arts Teachers Association): Michael Harvey

Events Offered 

LD Debate, Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, Duo Interpretation, Expository, Extemporaneous Speaking, Panel Discussion, Radio, Retold Story, After Dinner Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu, Oratorical Analysis, Original Oratory, Salesmanship, Serious Interpretation

2009 Finalists 

Lincoln Douglas Debate Class A

1. Brad Mosell (Eagle)
2. Ariel Lawson (Idaho Falls)
Tie for 3. Jon Agnew (Hillcrest) AND Taylor Galusha (Meridian)
Finalists: Kylie Jarvis (Idaho Falls), Jessica Rausch (Eagle), Jake Parker (Idaho Falls), Patrick Shearer (Idaho Falls)

Policy Debate Class A

1. Tyler Jones and Cameron Hall (Hillcrest)
2. Karen Wang and Kaitlin Charles (Rocky Mountain)
Tie for 3. Charles Eyre and Matthew Hurt (Capital) AND Ashley Smith and  Amanda Pham (Eagle)
Finalists: Sam Clovis and Brandon Weedon (Centennial), Luke Miller and Cassidy Bronson (Hillcrest), Jessica Hockensmith and Nichole Jones (Eagle), Edmond Walsh and Nathan Cutler (Hillcrest)

Public Forum Class A

1. Joe Ficarra and Mitchell Miller (Hillcrest)
2. Jake Shumway and Troy Hinckley (Madison)
Tie for 3. Brock Sondrup and Davis Milton (Hillcrest) AND Hannah Artis and Corina Scott (Timberline)
Finalists: Jasmine Hess and Laura Kroll (Borah), Ashley Babb-Brewer and Calen Cromwell (Skyview), Austin Gordon and Taylor Bruun (Hillcrest), Gabbrielle Garcia and Michael Mendez (Meridian)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Class B

1. Dayne Michael Sorenson (Bonneville)
2. Ethan Ciccone (Blackfoot)
Tie for 3. Jared Higley (Jerome) AND Christiana Cook (Shelley)
Finalists: Brennan Summers (Bonneville), Chelsea Wegrzyniak (Mt. Home), Erin Burke (Bishop Kelly), Andrew Marquette (Century)

Policy Debate Class B

1. Joseph Harper and Hunter Phillips (Blackfoot)
2. Brandon Wilmore and Kirsten Straus (South Fremont)
Tie for 3. Nick Tunison and Joie Florence (Bishop Kelly) AND Tommy Hopkins and Tucker Golay (Century)
Finalists: Katie Husk and Tim Goldy (Bishop Kelly), Melodie Lettkeman and Raif Armstrong (Mt. Home), Alexis DiSanza and Ethan Davis (Century), Adam Kinalski and Karl Schutz (Bishop Kelly)

Public Forum Debate Class B

1. Mark Tatham and Alysha Labrum (Century)
2. Andy Krawtz and Jack Elliott (Century)
Tie for 3.  Sarah Johnson and Josh Watkins (Kuna) AND TJ Billinger and Ali Howe (Mt. Home)
Finalists: Danielle Manley and Brad Siddoway (South Fremont), Cody Ross and Erin Smith (Blackfoot), Kunal Madan and John Feusi (Bishop Kelly), Spencer Ruchti and Dirk Stahlecker (Century)

Top Debate Teams Class A

1. Hillcrest; 212
2. Eagle; 147
3. Idaho Falls; 115
4. Meridian; 66

Top Debate Teams Class B

1. Century; 192
2. Bishop Kelly; 156
3. Blackfoot; 116
4. Mountain Home; 110

Top Speech Teams Class A

1. Jerome

2. Hillcrest

3. Eagle

Top Speech Teams Class B

1. Suger-Salem

2. Filer

3. American Falls

Duo Interpretation

1. N Mecham and B Rudd (Sugar-Salem)
2. A Bryant and E Kafari (Bishop Kelly)
3. D Jeppesen and K Jeppesen (Sugar-Salem)


1. Niki Ward (Meridian)
2. Avalon Owens (Centennial)
3. Kadyn Ward (American Falls)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Jessica Hockensmith (Eagle)
2. Davis Milton (Hillcrest)
3. Hunter Phillips (Blackfoot)

Panel Discussion

1. Preston Powell (Shelley)
2. Ashley Smith (Eagle)
3. Cody McCoy (Jerome)


1. Scott Hall (Jerome)
2. Michael Rexroat (Jerome)
3. Seth Reinhart (Hillcrest)

Retold Story

1. Eli Holland (Mountain Home)
2. Jeff Hiatt (Jerome)
3. Edmond B. Walsh (Hillcrest)

After Dinner Speaking

1. Tyler Powers (Lake City)
2. Courtney Barry (Filer)
3. Michael Rexroat (Jerome)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Devin Bean (Sugar-Salem)
2. Nick Mecham (Sugar-Salem)
3. Eli Holland (Mountain Home)


1. Tyler Hatch (Skyview)
2. Jessica Hockensmith (Eagle)
3. Jon Agnew (Hillcrest)

Oratorical Analysis

1. Avalon Owens (Centennial)
2. Josh Watkins (Kuna)
3. Bryan Harper (Jerome)

Original Oratory

1. Brock Sondrup (Hillcrest)
2. Erin Smith (Blackfoot)
3. Sarah Sanford (Lake City)


1. Aaron Miller (Jerome)
2. Vince Rogers (Jerome)
3. Caia McCurdy (Meridian)

Serious Interpretation

1. Katherine Ortmann (Kimberly)
2. Bradley Bell (Sugar-Salem)
3. Nathan Tolman (American Falls)