Arkansas State Communication Association



League Information

The Arkansas State Communication Association (ASCA) has a mission to create a community of professionals dedicated to the practice and study of communication through the use of education, student participation, and publication. The ASCA views communication as a discipline, skill, and art form. Their goal is to advance the communication abilities of students, researchers, and teachers. Not only does the ASCA regulate speech and debate events, the organization also promotes the further education of teachers for the state of Arkansas.

Key Officers 

President: Ashley Tarvin of Cabot High HS

First Vice President: Tim Hollis

Second Vice President: Gwen Brooks

Events Offered 

Duet Acting, Extemporaneous Speaking, HI-DI, Improv, Mime, Oratory, Poetry, Prose, Reader's Theatre, Solo Acting, Storytelling, Words and Music, NCX Debate, VCX Debate,

2009 Finalists 

Duet Acting

1. Sanford and Pettit (Cabot HS)

2.  Mertes and Tucker (Bentonville HS)

3. Pecoraro and Moulder (Bentonville HS)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Breanna Patterson (Bentonville HS)

2. JP Baker (Central Ark. Christian HS)

3. Emily Wood (Bentonville HS)


1. Hannah Maxwell (Bentonville HS)

2. Kristyn Baker (Bentonville HS)

3. Nick Pecorado (Bentonville HS)


1. Wingfield and Mosler (NLR West HS)

2. Fulton and Williams (LR Central HS)

3. Neumier and Williams (NLR West HS)


1. Autumn Wooley (North Pulaski HS)

2. Balgavy and Bontempo and Thompkins (Cabot HS)

3. Sam Pettit(Cabot HS)


1. Austin Armstrong (NLR West HS)

2. Tearani Buttington (LR Central HS)

3. Brennan Suen (LR Central HS)


1. Casey Castillo (Ft. Smith Southside HS)

2. Emily Stahl (LR Central HS)

3. Kimesha Jones (LRCentral HS)


1. Stephanie Marpe (Bentonville HS)

2. Timothy Drennon (LR Central HS)

3. Talley Gale (Russellville HS)

Reader's Theatre

1. Family 2.0 (LR Central HS)

2. Scary Movie 5 (Ft. Smith Southside HS)

3. Stand By Me (Cabot HS)

Solo Acting

1. Freddie Fulton (LR Central HS)

2. Amanda Wells (Cabot HS)

3. Xavier Jones (LR Central HS)


1. Tracy Jenkins (LR Central HS)

2. Conner Smith (Bentonville HS)

3. Hannah Moulder (Bentonville HS)

Words and Music

1. Sweeney Todd (Russellville HS)

2. Company (NLR East HS)

3. Hercules (Bentonville HS)

NCX Debate

1. Jordan Showsmith and Jonathan Dawkins (Ft. Smith Southside HS)

2. Mark Cameron and Joe Kieklak (Fayetteville HS)

VCX Debate

1. Ben Kang and Matt Seubert (Bentonville HS)

2. Blake Brizzolara and Afshar Sanati (LR Central HS)

Top Speakers

l. Logan Thomas

2. Matt Seubert

3. Afshar Sanati

4. Michael Anda

5. Blake Brizzolara

6. Don Onyeokeziri

7. Aashka Patel

8. Jessica Jones

9. Cody Stothers

10. Jacob Kremin