Topics About Events

Every once in a while, a round of Impromptu will be dedicated to different life events that take place throughout the year. Depending on the district, these event type topics could be used once a year to once a tournament. The upside to events is that they are very predictable. Notable occasions including birthdays and holidays are topics which can be prepared for in advance. For instance, determine ahead of time what to speak about to avoid being lost of ideas. This brainstorming might not be used for a few tournaments, but when it is a speech will appear more polished. (DO NOT use a canned speech and have everything planed--merely think of outlines.) It is important to utilize the strong points of any occasion and leave a lasting impression. Here are four major events that could be used for an event topic.


If a topic about a specific holiday is chosen, that is fantastic luck. Holidays are some of the best Impromptu topics because everyone can relate to them. Christmas will be used as an example; it tends to be used frequently. There is much that can be spoken about ranging from traditions, family frustrations, Capitalism and the Holidays, not celebrating Christmas (yet little promotion for other Holidays), the over exposure of Christmas in stories and the media, and much more.

Beginner speakers tend to make a crucial mistake: they focus only on family traditions and this can become very boring to the judge. Highly personal stories are difficult to relate to in general and can alienate the audience. Link a speech back to the audience. However, there is one exception to this rule: a holiday experience that is hilarious. Everyone likes to laugh and bond over jokes, and using humor can make for a great attention getter to build to a thesis. These are catchy topics and will guarantee a win if the speech is sincere and funny. Apply this technique, of humor and relatable support, to birthdays, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and all holidays.


Graduation is another great topic. Because Impromptu topics are usually current, expect to see the use of graduation around the time of State and National tournaments since they are at the end of the school year. Graduation is a good topic to focus on personal experience, but be unique in the method of account. Talk about how surprising it was, or will be, to graduate in spite of all the struggles or shenanigans. If currently a senior, utilize current, personal circumstances for the speech’s benefit. Another way one can address graduation is in the form of stating some of the worst professions anyone could pursue after graduation or discussing the fear of what awaits (as personal opinion). Again, using some humor mingled with levity is what helps create a superb Impromptu.


This is another wonderful Impromptu topic. There is the choice of going funny or sentimental. In either case, success can follow. The unfortunate thing is the judge is an unknown variable of where they stand on marriage. Thus, avoid crossing lines and offending people (a given for ANY event). Provide humor and sentiment in the speech. A possible marriage outline: discussing how weddings are the biggest page-turning events in our lives and how people seek to find the other who completes them. In the middle of binding ourselves to true love we forget that wedding guests would appreciate good decorations and great food. This is the chance for a memorable, comical story. Give this speech with heart and a smile. This mix of humor and sentiment will put this Impromptu in the lead ranks.

The Olympics

This will be of obvious importance anytime the summer Olympics happen. Before, during and after the Olympics, this topic will still appear in the draw. There are quite a few angles to approach this topic. If post Olympics, look back and note where the US succeeded and where it failed. Also, this is the opportunity for humor by teasing events we know little of (be sure to point out personal ignorance to ensure not infuriating an audience member who might enjoy that event). Speeches can also focus on the global unity the Olympics bring, competitive nature, uniting a country through sports, the exploitation of the Olympics for terrorists’ or even commercial plots, or the overall hope and awe the Olympics inspire. Have fun with this topic by making light of funny situations, but always remember to keep a sense of seriousness.

These are the primary event topics for Impromptu. Those who excel at this will understand that balance needs to be present; balance between sentiment and humor. If a speech possesses both, that speech’s orator will almost always be the winner. Above all, apply the ideas/techniques behind these topics detailed above and use on all other type of events for success.