Hello friends


Hello, since noone has done this yet, I think I will take the liberty of doing so.

First off I would like to thank Mr. David Willams for setting this up, it is a great idea, and how you found this website, I don't know.  

Second, to actually talk about competition.  I would like to congradulate everyone who participated this year, it has been really fun, even though we went to a total of three tournaments as opposed to the usual ten to fifteen.  This year is pretty much over competition, but I hope those of you who are not seniors will at least start to look for new pieces, so we can be ahead of the game and jump into it next year. 

If you need any help I would be happy to provide.

Let's hope more people sign up than just me david and sammy, I'm so glad people are putting in effort to get others to compete, because it has been lonely with me and james being the only people at some tournaments.  

From that one senior guy who might as well live in the theatre room, Kevin