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Too often locating any type of website that offers a smorgasbord of content is like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow--rarely does it happen.  Particularly, discovering any Forensics websites can be a mind-numbing, exhausting experience.  Once you find them it is wonderful, but the search is awful.  Well, relax.  The Forensics Community has found a website that offers a little bit of this and a little bit of that for all things Forensics.  Forensics Friend is a site that serves up something for everyone involved in Speech and Debate.  Doubtful?  Check out the headers on the main page:

  • Forensics Programs, Camps, Organizations
  • Coaching Helpers
  • Tournament Helpers
  • IE Speeches Helpers
  • Policy Debate Helpers
  • Parli Debate Helpers
  • Doing Debate Electronically
  • HS LD Helpers


  • Whitman National Debate Institute (a link to one of the premier summer Debate camps)
  • West Coast Debate (supplies, books, etc. available for purchase; they sell Nationwide and to numerous top-notch Forensics establishments)

Clicking on one of the above portals transports you to a more expanded array of helpful topics to choose from.  The amount of information is staggering.  For example, going into Tournament Helpers will give you a supply of links on where to book hotels for overnights, free ballots for download, tips for judging, and suggestions on how to run a tournament.  Basically, the skeleton of how to participate in and organize a tournament has been nicely presented and packaged for you.  Coaching Helpers is just as splendid with advice on how to raise money for your team, information on how to recruit, and links to other Forensics resources (such as The Forensics Community) and more can be found.

I could go on, and into far more detail, about Forensics Friend and just how helpful and, well, friendly a site it is to use.  Easy to navigate and always educational, Forensics Friend is something to experience rather than read about.

Thanks! Good resource!

Thank you for sharing this. This might be one of my bookmarks if I ever coach a team.

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