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So, last season, I got the idea to write my own DI. I did and it was great. If you didn't know already, you can't tell that it was written by a freshman in highschool and not a well-know author. My question is this; Is it "legal" to perform this piece in competition? Or do I have to get it officially published? What if I just used a pen name so the judge doesn't know I wrote it? Opinions please.

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According to my research, Dramatic Interpretations are supposed to be literary published pieces. I'm not an authority on this, but it appears these DIs are generally not written by performers, so I would probably recommend against it.

I found this helpful article, which states -

"Drama interpretation should be based on a cutting from a play written for stage, screen or radio performance. Alternatively, cuttings from two or more plays may be arranged in a theme-inspired program. All selections should be of literary merit and suitable to the performer and the audience."


Good luck!

Ah. Thank you!

That's terrific you wrote your own piece. But yeah, for that event it's illegal. If you ever have questions about competition rules, ALWAYS check on-line and read your league's rulebook. Better to be cautious instead of getting disqualified at a competition.

HOWEVER, there are some events where you can write your own material. Such as Original Performance (write your own prose/poetry/dramatic piece), Original Comedy, Original Oratory...to name a few.

If your league offers any of those events, I think you probably would enjoy them :)

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