Worst topic you were ever given?

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I think the worst topics are the ones you just can't connect with and feel like you just don't grasp or have anything enlightening to say about that topic. Abstract words are the ones that usually were hard for me. Like when you get a number, day of the week, or some random sound effect like "RARR!" I just...what to do, haha?

What was the worst topic you've ever gotten?

I sat in on a round once where colors were given out as topics. Let's just say the competitors did WAY better than I would have done with a color as a topic! I really don't know how much I could have spoken about Lavender. Maybe I would turn it into a speech about running spot for theatre since we tend to stick to Lavender quite a bit?

What would you do with a prompt that was a number? I think that would throw me!

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