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Hey everyone! I'm working on my piece for the new season and I just need an opinion or two. This will be my first year doing prose and I was thinking about performing the short story "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" By: Joyce Carol Oates. The only thing that's making me a little hesistant is the short story is third person, not first. Do you think this would still score okay in a round and be alright to perform or do you think I should find something else? Some feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you!

I do not think it is a deal-breaker to choose a story told in the third person for prose. The whole point of prose reading is that you are doing a performance reading of anything written in prose. There are no limitations on what POV is used. I have two hesitations. Since first person IS the norm, you will stand out as being different. Which is NOT bad, but that is something judges will notice and will give you their opinion on. Second, there is something slightly less dramatic about third person vs first person perspective. Again, it's not a bad thing, but you might have to work harder at being flawless because you're not doing the standard 1st person tear-jerker some use to get ahead.

If you really like the piece, I say go for it and see how it is received. If it doesn't do as well as you like, at least you can say you tried. It is NOT unheard of to switch pieces in the season. In fact, for many it is standard practice to keep pieces fresh. And if it's your first time, I would think doing a piece you enjoyed would help give you a good first impression of prose.

If you're still really perplexed, sit in on a prose round and see what your competition is bringing to the table. If you think you would really stick out, then switch. If you think it could fly in your district, go for it!

I dunno. I don't think it would be a problem. Try it out and see how judges react?

Maybe get another piece that's in the first person to try out too and see which one does betteR?

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