Wisconsin Forensics Daily: An Inside Look to Speech and Debate

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If you are involved in Wisconsin Forensics, are interested in them, or are an utter Speech and Debate geek (like me) who enjoys reading articles about Forensics in general then you need to be introduced to Wisconsin Forensics Daily (WFD).  Nick Bubb, owner and manager of WFD, has created a website that is undeniably attuned to Wisconsin's Forensics needs. 

Let's begin with the homepage.  Upon entering the domain of Wisconsin Forensics Daily you will be delighted to see a barrage of Wisconsin Speech and Debate news.  Everything from tournament results, to what's happening, to informative pieces are there to greet you.  It gets better.  All of the content is supplied by coaches and judges of Wisconsin.  The site might have a staff of regular writers to ensure content is always new, but as stated on the site "WFD is driven by an open submissions policy and volunteer coverage."  Therefore, everything you read has been submitted by Forensics lovers.

Other perks of Wisconsin Forensics Daily include:

  • posting of speech and debate coaching positions in the state
  • a Judge List-Serve...this means that if you are interested in judging tournaments and want to be made aware of any local positions, sign up and e-mails will be sent to inform you of any judging positions available.  A list-serve is a two-way street as well; if you send an e-mail out expressing interest in particular tournaments then coaches on the list-serve will be sent your e-mail.  You only need to address one "person" (the list-serve) for everyone registered on the list-serve to be sent your message.
  • tournament photos
  • links to Wisconsin Forensics organizations, other Forensics websites, team websites, and more

Wisconsin Forensics Daily is essentially an insiders glance into the world of Wisconsin Speech and Debate.  Though it might have a particular state's interest in mind, do not be fooled--there is something for Forensicators everywhere on Wisconsin Forensics Daily.  Give it a look.  It might be the Thursday Thing to Read section that hooks you, or the judge list-serve.  Either way, this could be a site you bookmark. 

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