What is your Memorable Moment or Embarrassing Story?

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There's something really unique about forensics that makes it create stories. Perhaps it's the nervous energy before each round. Perhaps it's the huge amount of precious time we all devote towards this competition we both love and hate.

Here's one memorable moment of mine:

One of the most memorable LD moments had to be when my opponent's goodwill won me a round. I was negative. And my opponent had just finished her Affirmative speech. I caught most of the details and was excited to launch my negative rebuttal. There was one big problem - as I got up to deliver my speech, I looked down at my pad and realized there was no Value Criterion. I completely missed writing down my opponent's value criterion. Realizing that I was probably lost without this information, regardless of the quality of my speech, I did the only thing I could think to do at the time: I mouthed to my opponent - "What's your Value Criterion?" - as I got up to speak. It was kind of an absurd question to ask; like asking your boxing opponent to take off his gloves during the round. But I couldn't think of anything else to do and so just asked. I was lucky enough that the judge didn't notice.

My opponent, a competitor from Randolph High School, was nice enough to mouth back the answer. What a sport. I came up with a refutation on the fly. And she'll probably never forget the round she lost out of her pure good will. We're friends to this day. If you miss something from your opponent's case, it's cool. Just ask!

You know you have your memorable moments and embarrasing stories.

Please do share!

My most embarrassing moment? I gave my entire OO speech one round with my zipper down the whole time. Best part about it...I still got first place...hahaha

I was doing a Humorous Duet Acting cutting of The Producers (we started our cutting before it was popular, thank you!) with my friend Rob our Junior year of high school. Rob was Bialystock and I was Bloom. We changed Leo to Lea, don't worry! Anyway, if you've seen the original Mel Brooks' version from 1968 with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, then you know already how fabulous the opening is. If you haven't, go rent it now.

So in that opening, Leo/Lea gets slapped by Bialystock to get him/her out of a hysterical frenzy he/she is trapped in. Rob refused to hit me. We even received notes from judges how the slap was weak and needed work. After two tourneys of these weak slap notes, I took Rob aside one day and told him we need to have a better slap. That the judges need to hear it. That my face is durable and has enough padding to absorb any shock he can send my way! I told him to hit me. So he did. A weak, pathetic slap.
"Hit me again! And again, until you see I'm not going to be hurt!"
"But you'll bruise..."
"No I won't! Unless you hit me on the bone like in a Lifetime movie...aim for the cheek Rob, the cheek!"
*slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap*
"That was great! Thanks for hitting me! Now do that again on Saturday."

So if you need a loved one to slap you, now you know how.

My most embarrassing moments in speech all seem to result from being associated with "the crazy team". Our team's idea of good downtime activities include intense poker games (which I may say I do not participate in:) that result in horrible dares taking place that shame our team name and disgrace our coach :), wandering through hick college towns and terrorizing the locales, playing charades.... yeah....

Do you mind me asking, but what were some of the dares? You had me at "horrible" and the smiley face, ha.

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