What Public Forum Teams will Dominate in 2010-2011

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So.... these are my predictions for which teams will thrive in the 2010-2011 season.

1. Chaparral (AZ)- Jackson Arn

-Jackson Arn and his partner Neel Rao (graduated) finished 5th at the NFL National Tournament

- Beat University RD (NFL National Champions) on a 3-0 decision in Round 13 at NFL

2. Ridge (NJ)- Tejus/Other Guy who I don't know his name

- 2nd at NCFL (Loss to Del Barton)

- 2nd at ToC (Loss to George Washington)

- Tejus won Parliamentary Debate at NFL

3. Harker (CA)- Fred Enea/Aakeesh Jagadeesh, I believe are partnering

- Seperate partners but I think they both got to Octs at the ToC

- Fred and Kelsey Hilbrich got to Octs at the NCFL

4. Parkview (MO)- Aaron Sowards and Thao Anh Mai

- Aaron Sowards got to Octs at the ToC

- 4th at the NFL National Tournament

- Beat University RD (NFL National Champ) in Round 6 of NFL

5. New Trier (IL)- Joe/David

- Hardcore.

- 7th/8th something at NFL Nationals

6. Ft Lauderdale (FL)- Czar/Matt

- Got like 12th at NFL Nationals

- Ballot off breaking at the ToC

7. University (OH)- Bardia Rahmani

- He sort of kinda won NFL Nationals with Mike Dimino

good list of predictions!  can't really argue with any on your list.

lol, luv the rational for 5th New Trier, IL...hardcore indeed

Haha. Yeah, out of all the teams that I debated at NFL Nationals this last year, they were definately in the top 3 best.

But.... those were in no specific order. I just posted teams that I remembered as I thought of them.


i believe you are thinking of the team of Brian Moore & Tejus Pradee ^_^

first you made me laugh with the title, then i was curious, so i looked around and found the TOC results from last season.



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