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What are some common value premises/criterias?

What would be a good argument aganist the statement "You can hire people affected by poverty to help the environment which doesn't require much skill or knowledge to let them earn money and escape from poverty." in a climate change v.s. poverty public forum debate.

Some common value premises/criterias include the following:

- Justice
- Progress
- Morality
- Quality of Life
- Liberty

An Argument against that could run as follows:

- Hiring people in such a capacity will not cause them to escape from poverty since you are offering them no intellectual enrichment and nothing even remotely challenging. They will stay in poverty, the cycle will continue, and there will be no opportunity for advancement. As they will not escape from poverty, the line of reasoning falls short.

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Criterions and Criterias are not words.


Also, I never understood the point of values debate. It is a hopeless waste of time which I never spend more than a sentence on. No matter who you debate, the values will always be some approximate synonym for "goodness". The interesting debate is at the criterion level of HOW we achieve goodness.

I just HATE debates where some debater spends a full minute explaining why justice is more important than morality (or vice versa) when it literally has NO BEARING on the round. No criterion will link to justice and not to morality, nor is it true the other way around. I have NEVER seen an intelligent or useful values debate. 


Here are some philosophies you can research that can make good criteria:




Rule Consequentialism

Virtue Ethics

Social Contract

Rawlsianism (Veil of Ignorance)


In particular, having good justifications for and responses to the first two will be very useful on most resolutions.

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