USC Debate Tournament - Field Report

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We’re only five days away from the David Damus Trojan Championships, to be held November 6-8 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. The USC tournament is a Tournament of Champions bid qualifier at the quarterfinal level in policy debate and at the final level in Lincoln-Douglas debate, so it will be a very competitive field in both divisions.

I’ll be on hand as a judge in policy debate, so I will try my best to provide some live field reporting for those of you watching at home. If you are there and want to say hi to me, I’ll be the one decked out in UCLA colors trying to provoke certain, err, reactions out of USC kids. (Obligatory cross-town rivalry disclaimer - USC might hold a good debate tournament but UCLA is by far the superior school).

Below are the entries as they stand on November 1. If you plan on doing some last-minute preparation, be sure to reference the NDCA caselist wiki ( to determine what strategies and affirmatives you need to be prepared for.

Bolded are the sixteen teams I would expect to see in octofinals (the round that must be won to obtain a bid). It’s obviously not going to be 100% accurate as some of these teams might be matched up against each other in doubles, but these are probably the sixteen best teams at this tournament. Don’t like my assessment? Feel free to post your own list of favorites and we’ll compare afterwards.

Policy Entries - Varsity

Bellarmine CP - Vijay Singh & James Thomas
Bellarmine CP - Nick Mai & Chris Watkins
Bellarmine CP - Vijay Sridharan & Guillaume Delepine
Bellarmine CP - Aaron Langerman & Matt Zajac
Brophy - Zane Waxman & Ryan Michels
Brophy - Michael Maerowitz & Max Maerowitz
Brophy - Abhi Singh & Andy McCoy
CK McClatchy - Melissa Boettner & August Wissmath
CK McClatchy - Kelsey Long & Rose Rushing
CK McClatchy - Jack Gugino & Cris Mancillas
Claremont HS - Kathryn Lewis & Victoria Gurrola
Claremont HS - Darren Cagle & Perry Osgood
CPS - Carlos Penikis & Robbie Newell
CPS - Tatsuro Yamamura & Vinay Pai
Damien - Collin Bloom & Nick Corona
Damien - Steve Cassettari & Jacob Diaz
Damien - Robert De Los Santos & Joe Jung
Damien - Eric Berggren & Richard Mancuso
Damien - Nadeem Farooqi & Alex Velto
Damien - Reid Ehrlich-Quinn & Pablo Gannon
Damien - Jonathan D'Souza & Shaun Mannion
Diamond Ranch HS - Tim Huang & Justin Lee
Fullerton Union - Bob Gray & Isha Sabherwal
Harker - Connie Lu & Sachin Mitra
Harker - Ashish Mittal & Akum Gill
Head Royce School - Harrison Lee & Arshia Surti
Head Royce School - Rachel Katzoff & Ricky Rodgers
Head Royce School - Takumi Murayama & Adam Pease
Honor Academy - Hannah Joo & Raea Limb
Honor Academy - Sora Park & Stacey Kim
James Logan - Justin Chan & Patrick Berger
James Logan - Vivian Huang & Joshua Mun
James Logan - Jaymee Go & Andrew Amoranto
La Costa Canyon High - Jonathan Barsky & Adrianna Lucero
Leland High School - Shriya Samarth & Brian Yeh
Loyola High School - Donald Virts & Tristan Paguio
Loyola High School - Jan Wimmer & Morgen Olsen
Loyola High School - Kevin Merry & Stephen Proctor
Montgomery Bell - Campbell Haynes & Jesse Suh
nevadaunion - Dylan Fitzwater & Olivia Weilmann-Lawrence
nevadaunion - Sean Fitzhenry & Jake Lerner
nevadaunion - Luz Brown & Sierra Winkler
Notre Dame - Andrew McLoon & Summer Wall
Notre Dame - Morgan Titcher & Jake DeFilippis
Notre Dame - Nate Grau & Chris Ceron
Notre Dame - Cristina Cambianica & Russell Whitman
Notre Dame - Joey DallaBetta & Jacob Nasser
Notre Dame - George Paguio & Noah Lipton
Palo Alto High School - Josh Arfin & Matt Miller
Palo Alto High School - Chloe Chen & Nate Munger
Palo Alto High School - Toby Lee & Christy Barry
Palo Alto High School - Nassim Fedel & Gregory Dunn
Palo Alto High School - Juliana Moraes-Liu & Abbey Kinnaman
Phoenix Country Day - Basil Latif & Alex Gonzales
Phoenix Country Day - Kathie Zhang & Eric Showers
POLYTECHNIC - Matt Chou & Anand Upandahaya
Rowland Hall - Jordan Friedman & Aria Thaker
Rowland Hall - Andrew Arsht & Mario Feola
Rowland Hall - Michael Marquardt & Raj Patel
Sage Ridge School - Ryan Dhindsa & Grant Gabriel
Sage Ridge School - Andrew Welcome & Mike Jackson
Saint Francis HS - Arifeen Rahman & Angela Cao
Saint Francis HS - Ish Arora & Sanjana Parikh
Saint Francis HS - Sameen Karim & Dinker Ambe
Saint Francis HS - Jahnavi Kalpathy & Christine Chow
Saint Francis HS - Katrina Kaiser & Chander Ramesh
San Dieguito Academy - Logan Gallagher & Marc Lococo
San Dieguito Academy - Michael Yuan & Sam Houskeeper
San Dieguito Academy - Megan Gaffney & Kianna Eberle
San Dieguito Academy - Maia Rosengarten & Mitch Fierro
St. Vincent de Paul - Brian Bordley & Ethan Pawson
St. Vincent de Paul - Jesse Manek & Hisa Tome
St. Vincent de Paul - Ryan Atkinson & James Fidler
The Meadows School - Jesslyn Mitchell & Spenser Silbey
The Meadows School - Chris Wang & Zach Waddell
The Meadows School - Josh Reisman & Aaron Novick
West High School - Clara Purk & Eleanor Cawthon
West High School - Madeleine Langr & Corrine Sugino

Finally, as an added bonus, here are the LD entries. I know next to nothing about high school LD so I will simply post the entries list.

LD Entries - Varsity

Arroyo High School - Tony Hua
Arroyo High School - Sarena Tat
Bellarmine CP - Michael Dittmer
Bellarmine CP - Ben Perotin
Brentwood - Scarlett Addas
Brentwood - Alex Wagner
Brentwood - Samantha Mannis
Brentwood - Andrew Glantz
Brentwood - Max Shapiro
Brentwood - Gavin Pak
Brentwood - Sabrina Fani
Brentwood - Jordan Golshan
Brophy - Andrew Anderson
Brophy - Matt Johnson
Chaminade - Neeraj Chandra
Claremont HS - Maddie Zhu
Esperanza HS - Matt Vela
Esperanza HS - Nate Jara
Esperanza HS - Justin Pearce
Esperanza HS - Brandon Buscaino
Esperanza HS - Drumil Bhatt
Granada Hills - Kenneth Cunanan
Granada Hills - Fasih Ahsan
Granada Hills - Kevin Nam
Granada Hills - Vinay Gupta
Green Valley HS - Nick Tettamanti
Green Valley HS - Reed McGinley-Stempel
Green Valley HS - Dylan Kama
Green Valley HS - Daniel Coffey
Harvard-Westlake - Nika Madyoon
Harvard-Westlake - Julius Pak
Harvard-Westlake - Michelle Choi
Harvard-Westlake - Justin Ho
Harvard-Westlake - Nick Pritzker
La Costa Canyon High - Phillip Walters
La Costa Canyon High - Noah Nevins
La Costa Canyon High - Andrew Dorr
La Costa Canyon High - Brad Hodgkins
Loyola High School - Andrew Angeles
Loyola High School - Andrew Blay
Loyola High School - Alec Gunny
Loyola High School - Andrew Kelinsky
Loyola High School - Richard Lizardo
Loyola High School - Jack Spira
Loyola High School - Davis Turner
Loyola High School - Steven Wartinbee
Palo Alto High School - Uma Veerappan
Palo Alto High School - April Jauha
Palo Alto High School - Alex Carter
Palo Alto High School - Nikhil Bhargava
Palo Alto High Schoo - Lucas Chan
POLYTECHNIC - Chris Nguyen
POLYTECHNIC - Sean Hollihan
POLYTECHNIC - Lina Vadlamani
POLYTECHNIC - Veronica Wickline
Saint Francis HS - Jessica Connor
San Dieguito Academy - Cherise Lopes-Baker
San Dieguito Academy - Rocky Keefe-Oates
San Dieguito Academy - Cameron Koob
San Dieguito Academy - Derrik Marow
San Dieguito Academy - Alex Rosengarten
San Dieguito Academy - Eileen An
San Marino - Eric Wu
San Marino - Kevin Wu
Spanish Fork - Spencer Pugh
Spanish Fork - Katelyn Johnson
St. Margarets - Sam Malagon
St. Margarets - David Freed
St. Vincent de Paul - Sean Trott
The Meadows School - Seth Merkin

- Nick

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