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hi! i'm a public forum debater who just finished their novice year(yaaay!) i'm wondering who here is a pf debater (or policy or ld since i might be trying those out next year) and who has any kinds of advice. i haven't seen any pf topics so i don't think many are here but yea so hi everybody! oh and if anyone knows any good debate videos to watch i'm trying to get better so send me the link!

hey musicluvr!

Ive done LD for almost two years and PF for more than 2 years.

a great website to get general information about any PF topic is i have found that this website is more useful for PF but i do believe they have LD topics as well.

Now with the season starting back up PF resolutions will be coming out. the september resolution came out i believe yesterday.

Resolved: United States policy on illegal immigration should focus on attrition through enforcement rather than amnesty.

and the topics generally come out on the 1st day of the month prior. so the october resolution comes out on September first.

to find out what the topics are, is the first place it is posted. they also have the basic public forum documents with rules and all.

i will be posting an analysis of the just released september resolution. so hopefully some discussion will take place.

good luck!

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