Tournament Do's and Dont's

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I figured sharing some of those lightbulb moments from tournaments would be a fun way to help the newbies and to give those of us who have gone into sleep mode in the off-season a refresher.

1. If you're double entered, DO find your rooms ahead of time and write your number on the board, noting that you are Double-entered and will be late.
2. If you are unhappy with your ranking DON'T get upset about and/or make a scene. It will only ruin your attitude and others' attitudes towards you. Remember, you may have some of these judges again.
3. DO thank your judges. Remember that they are giving up their Saturday for YOU.
4. DON'T make your thank you so sugary sweet that they know you're faking. It will only hurt you.
5. DON'T put down other competitors. We are all better people than that, so just don't do it.
6. DO make sure you have everything you need for the tournament before you leave home. This includes: scriptbook, extemp box, shoes, pantyhose (girls), water/food or money to buy water/food, pen or pencil, and whatever else you need.
7. (this goes with number 6) DON'T be the person giving a speech in your tennis shoes. It's tacky and people will notice. (and yes, they'll still notice even if you paint over them with a team-mate's black nail polish....good times)
8. DO get plenty of sleep the night before a tournament. We all know that we'd rather be out having fun than in bed on Friday night, but you will be thankful you did when you're getting up at 4 the next morning.
9. DO try your hardest. We all have that person on our team who just shows up and doesn't want to be there. Negative attitudes affect you and those around you.
10. DO have fun. Yes, speech is hard work. Yes, you have to get up early and get home late. Yes, you sometimes hate yourself for ever joining the team. But in the end, you love it and you know it, or you wouldn't be doing it. So have fun with it!

PS- feel free to comment with your own do's and don'ts.

I agree with all of your points. I especially enjoyed how you clarified that pantyhose was just for the case we didnt figure that

This is a great list!

I have to ask...have YOU painted over your shoes with nail polish, lol? That's an epic solution ;)

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