Tournament of Champions 2010

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Since 1972, the Tournament of Champions (TOC) has been the most prestigious independent debate tournament in the Nation.  Held during the beginning of May annually at The University of Kentucky, the TOC has been run by J.W. Patterson since its inception.  Because the TOC is not run by a National organization, such as the NFL, or a state league, local results are pulled to determine who are the best debaters to compete.  To qualify for the TOC competitors in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Policy Debate, or Student Congress must earn 2 bids at qualifying tournaments throughout the season.  Qualifying tournaments are pre-selected, listed on the TOC's official website, and if a competitor enters into a "bid round" they receive a bid.  Technically the TOC requires 3 bids, but most competitors who earn 2 get to compete.  The TOC has a limited number of entrance placements, but if total qualifying numbers are below that teams with 1 bid can apply for an at-large bid to enter.  The TOC takes place this year on May 1, 2, 3 2010.  

Here is a list of fully qualified teams:

Ashland BM (Tim Borgerson & Zach Markovich)
Austin Northwest BQ (Balam Budwal & Christina Qiu)
Austin Northwest MT (Nishu Mehta and Rekha Tenjarla)
Bellarmine DS (Guillaume Delepine & Vijay Sridharan)
Bishop Guertin DS (Katie DiTulio and Christian Steckler)
Blake KM (David Kang & Tom Madsen)
Bronx Science ME (Andrew Markoff and Zack Elias)
Brophy Prep MW (Michael Maerowitz & Zane Waxman)
Carrollton Sacred Heart DG (Anna Dimitrijevic and Helen Gomez)
Chattahoochee CR (Megan Cambre and Kaavya Ramesh
Chattahoochee DI (Maggie Davis and Mustafa Inamullah)
Chattahoochee KR (Adam Kostrinsky and Sean Robinson)
Chattahoochee VW (Cara Venezia and Kaitlyn Walker)
Chattahoochee ZR (Jeff Zhang and Matt Rosenthal)
College Prep CM (Chloe Coughlin-Schulte & Justin Mardjuki)
College Prep YP (Tatsuro Yamamura and Vinay Pai)
Coppell KD (Priyanka Krishnamurthy and Joe Donaghy)
Dallas Jesuit DG (Joel Diamond & Ryan Gorman)
Dallas Jesuit YM (Carson Young & Sullivan McCormick)
Damien BM (Eric Berggren & Richard Mancuso)
Damien EG (Reid Ehrlich-Quinn & Pablo Gannon)
Damien FV (Nadeem Farooqi and Alex Velto)
Dulles KC (Saad Khalid & Kevin Clarke)
Eden Prairie BM (Tanay Mehta and Brett Beutell)
Edgemont CJ (Ben Chang & Nikhil Jayawickrama)
Edina AK (Trevor Aufderheide & Nick Khatri)
Ft. Lauderdale WR (Melvin Washington & Vanova Robles)
Georgetown Day RS (Rebecca Rothfeld & Isaac Stanley-Becker)
Glenbrook North MP (Flynn Makuch and Alexander Pappas)
Glenbrook North SS (Vinay Sridharan and Alexis Shklar)
Glenbrook South DT (Will Thibeau & Richard Day)
Grapevine SQ (Amy Schade & Jacob Quinn)
Greenhill KP (Arnav Kejriwal & Kush Patel)
Gulliver Prep AT (Jorge Toledo & Greg Adler)
Harker GM (Ashish Mittal & Akum Gill)
Harker MP (Adam Perelman & Arjun Mody)
Head Royce MW (Alex Werner & Takumi Murayama)
Highland Park Texas PY (Collin Poirot and Rett Young)
James Logan BC (Justin Chan & Patrick Berger)
Kinkaid BD (Robert Baldwin and Vivek Datla)
Kinkaid KB (Layne Kirshon and Nikhil Bontha)
Law Magnet CS (Eddie Camacho & Charlie Stephens)
Lexington EV (Tyler Engler & Arjun Vellayappan)
McDonough BR (Alex Resar and Patrick Butler)
Meadows SM (Spencer Silbey & Jess Mitchell)
Mercer Island GP (Stephanie Permut and Sean Ghods)
Montgomery Bell HM (Campbell Haynes and Herschel Mehta)
Mountain Brook JQ (Kevin Jiang and Lee Quinn)
New Trier CS (Dylan Carpenter and Ira Slomski-Pritz)
Notre Dame TD (Morgan Titcher & Jake De Filippis)
Oak Park HH (John Hazinski and James Hanley)
Pembroke Hill BS (Brad Bolman & Lewis Sharp)
Pembroke Hill HV (Thomas Hodgman & Peter Vale)
Rowland Hall AF (Andrew Arsht & Mario Feola)
Saint Francis AP (Ish Arora & Sanjana Parikh)
Saint Francis KR (Katrina Kaiser & Chander Ramesh)
Saint George LN (Joe Leduc & Jordan Newton)
St. Marks BM (Alex Miles and Rishee Batra)
St. Paul Central JQ (Laura Johnson and Steve Quam)
University School BL (Bamm Bamm Ball and Emma LaBounty)
Wayzata RS (Krishnan Ramanujan and Dru Svoboda)
Westlake BM (John Baker and David Mullins)
Westminster CM (Drew Cutshaw and Will Morgan)
Westminster DM (Ayush Dayal and Julia Marshall)
Westminster TA (Daniel Taylor and Ellis Allen)
Whitney Young HG (Kevin Hirn and Misael Gonzalez)
Woodward PP (Max Plithides and Matthew Pesce)
Thanks to TOC Scoreboard for qualified teams information:

Thanks for posting this!  I can't wait till May 1st to begin the EPIC battle of the TOC. 

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