Top 5 Reasons Why Impromptu Rocks

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Top Five Reasons Why Impromptu Rocks

     (or why it's better than the other events, IMO)

1. Prep is minimal in comparison to other events.  No cutting, no researching pieces, no writing a speech, no memorizing.  Pay attention to current events, keep an active mind, and prepare by doing mock Impromptu speeches.  Done. 

2. Total randomness.  In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get."  You never know what awaits you in Impromptu.  It's fresh.  Even that Gump quote could be a round's prompt.  You just never know.  Life is like an Impromptu round.  You never know what you're going to get.

3. Obscurity and oddness.  As if the randomness of prompts wasn't enough, sometimes people like to give bizarre ones as well.  When you're sitting in a round and the thought "what the..." goes through your noggin, you know you have a very special experience ahead.

4. It's completely engaging.  You get to do everything.  You need to quickly piece together prior knowledge and adapt it to the prompt provided--even pulling previously unrelated information to get an "ah-ha" moment of clarity.  You write an outline for a speech.  You deliver a speech.  In about 5 minutes you are practicing and developing your cognition/speaking/adaptation skills.  All in one event.  Impromptu always left me feeling like a superhero.

5. I get to be funny.  And I am rewarded for it.  AND my rounds tend to be more enjoyable because Impromptu is a forever altering mild stand-up routine of informative speeches.    


Impromptu speakers out there, why do you guys love it?

lol, yes! Life is one massive Impromptu round.

I always liked that Impromptu was unpredictable about what range of speeches you can see in a round. You get a wide array of delivery styles as well as diverse topics. It's all over the place. Very exciting!

This event killed me. I was bad at it and then went to state champs. in California and lost to the girl what won Nats. I have one way to describe it: It's all fun and games till you get current events.

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