Tips to excel in prose?

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Hello! I went to my first competition a week ago, I got pretty good ranks for most my rounds, but didn't break. I was wondering if any seasoned speakers/judges had advice on how to take an okay/good piece to an amazing one, or share any mistakes beginners do often. Thank you!

My best advice is to eek every single strand of emotion from both narration and dialogue. This is what separates decent prose reads from excellent ones. In an excellent prose, you can actually see the emotion happening, watch the reader feeling them, considering them, and being a vessel for them.

The great ones actually become the story. Now, there is a fine line between pulling these emotions out, and changing a prose into an interpretation while holding a book, but that's the line I would recommend for you to walk!

The fact that you are on this site, asking questions and trying to get better tell me that you are well on your way to being a finalist.

Best of luck!

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