Thought Process for Impromptu...

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My brother did Impromptu and whenever he was planning his speech he could take 30 seconds to write a few notes down and then sit there for the rest of his prep time, eyes closed, mentally planning. He always looked like he was power napping or using Jedi skills to take the round.

Anyone out there have any rituals they used or observed while prepping for Impromptu? Any techniques that helped you focus?

I did a few practice rounds with my brother once and found I ended up like I do when taking an essay test--nose to the desk, pen flying across the paper, and my foot tapping to release energy.

I noticed I stare out into space for several seconds thinking and plotting a plan of action. Then I write down an outline with some notes just for me to help organize my thoughts. Though, I hardly ever looked at this note card later.

I follow the Jedi approach, lol. Though, I do tend to write an outline with basic points first to gather my thoughts and then mentally prep.

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