Things NOT to bring to a speech meet

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Disclaimer: If you have no sense of humor, now is the time to leave. Ok, are all the fuddy-duds gone? Good. Now, here is my totally random list of things NOT to bring to a speech meet. Feel free to add.

- A radioactive Banana

- A Carousel

- Size 8XL Pants

- Your pet ferret

- an anvil

- a kilo of swiss cheese

- a Sham-wow

- a dead beetle (live ones are acceptable  )

- a baby grand piano

- Uranium

- A member of the Spanish Inquisition

- Hair Plugs

- a chicken leg with all of the meat eaten off of it

- Your grandmother's bar mitzvah dress (think about this one....)

- a stapler suspended in jello

The Doctor from Doctor Who might differ on the banana point.  He has been known to say bananas are good.  Radioactive ones might not be the best selection, but I would wager that a space-time-traveler-alien-GENIUS could turn a radioactive banana into an edible one...I think?  haha

I would like to add the following to the list:

-member of the Spanish Inquisition

-a broom

-baby grand piano


-a flux-capacitor (save that for the Delorean in your garage)


Definitely adding those :)

Thank you!  I feel honored to be a part of your list. 

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