Team Alienation?

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There was a certain rule particular teams in my division followed that completely baffled me because it goes against my very nature: team avoidance. There are select teams that make it a rule to not speak to other teams while at competition. Thus, if my HS team had adopted this rule no VJA speechie could talk to any other school. Sorry. And this might be a debate thing too—I really don’t know. Fill me in any debaters out there, please. The odd thing is this rule isn’t just in speech. I’ve seen it in Group Interpretation as well. So I’m going to wager this is a school-wide phenomenon.

Although I find this rule odd and unlike me—I will talk to anyone—I can understand the intimidation factor this presents. Not talking instantly elevates you to a level of power. You are unpredictable and the unknown. And the unknown is frightening.

I was wondering if any of you out there have experienced this occurrence as well or if this is just a northern Illinois thing. How do you guys feel about it? Have any of you had to do this? Did you follow the rule? What happened if you spoke? I’m curious.

Wait. This actually happens? Did these alienation teams wear matching suits too?

I know teams who wear matching suits, but my team talks to others. Between prelims/semis is usually when everyone mingles.

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