Support Fellow Forensicators: Pepsi's Refresh Everything Project

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It takes a particular type of person to be involved in Forensics.  Namely, a person of passion.  Most of us are fortunate to have Forensics programs and instructors who can offer the best possible Speech and Debate education possible.  However, not all of America is as lucky, and passion can only take you so far.  Title I schools (schools with a high concentration of low-income students) suffer from lack of funding.  There are numerous reasons why funding is low, which need not be gotten into on ForCom, but be content to know that Title I schools put money first towards education supplies and expenses and THEN might fund extracurriculars.  And we all know how the arts are funded.  

YOU can make a difference though!  Pepsi-Cola is having a competition to reward grant money to the highest supported grant proposals that have been submitted for improving communities in the USA.  The National Forensics League has placed a bit for the $250K grant.  What will the grant money be used for?  To help Title I schools' Speech and Debate programs.  To summarize (as taken from the official Pepsi/NFL site:

  • Award over $200,000 in college scholarships to high school students
  • Teach communication, reading, writing, and conflict managment skills
  • Create opportunities for teacher education and development
  • Focus exclusively on students in Title I schools

In order to accomplish these goals, the NFL wants to hold weekend-long communication leadership summits in six of the largest cities in America.  These summits will be for Title I schools only.  Leaders in the field of communication (for example, of PBS documentary Accidental Hero fame, Tommie Linsdey) will meet with teachers to help curriculum, strategies, continuing education credits, professional development, and meeting of potential long-term mentors.  Students will meet with current high school and college students and top teachers and coaches to improve research, writing, and speaking skills. 

Pepsi is rewarding the top TWO bids in the $250K category with funding.  The NFL's bid is ranked TWENTIETH as of February 7th!  An individual is allowed to vote on a bid DAILY!!!  So bookmark the following link, VOTE DAILY, and spread the word.  You have until the end of February to help Forensics change the lives of students and educators everywhere!

And hey, Oprah supports this.  You don't want Oprah mad at you, do you?!

AH!  we've slipped to 28th place!?!?!?  keep VOTING!!! 

I really hope their doing this again this year. Anyone know if speech/debate money is up for voting again?

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