Supplemental Debate Event at Nationals

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The National Forensic League has announced that for the 2010 Speech and Debate Nationals held in Kansas City they will be introducing "the first supplemental debate event for pilot implementation."  This new event is a modification of Parliamentary Debate, and any interested competitor can pre-register to test out this first-of-its-kind event.  General facts of this unnamed event include:

  • one-on-one format
  • topics change for each round
  • no published material may be used
  • debaters can, however, reference information from sources as long as it is "within the realm of knowledge of liberally educated and informed citizens" (SUBJECTIVE; could be issues with this)
  • there is no reading of evidence, briefs, or pre-written speeches; debaters will instead speak impromptu on the topic using only a note card that lists the arguments of the opposing competitor AND which has their own outline of points
  • TIME IS PROTECTED, a cross-examination will ensue
  • debaters have 3 speeches and given 2 minutes per speech
  • there will be around 20 possible resolutions for this event which will be given to debaters during supplemental registration
  • topics of resolutions will be either current affairs or philosophy, use literal language, be "general enough that a well-educated high school student can debate them," and consist of straight resolutions

Time Format

  • Proposition Constructive (2 minutes)
  • C-X of Proposition (1 minute)
  • Opposition Constructive (2 minutes)
  • C-X of Opposition (1 minute)
  • Mandatory Prep Time (1 minute)
  • Proposition Rebuttal (2 minutes)
  • Opposition Rebuttal (2 minutes)
  • Mandatory Prep Time (1 minute)
  • Proposition Rebuttal (2 minutes)
  • Opposition Rebuttal (2 minutes)
  • TOTAL: 16 minutes

This is all the information the NFL has released thus far.  As exciting as a a supplemental debate event is at Nationals, it will be interesting to see how well this event is embraced.  Let's hope it gets a name soon too because Supplemental Debate Event is a mouthful.   




Anyone here actually compete in one of these debates? How does it compare to other debate formats and which do you prefer?

That would be nuts getting 20 possible resolutions at registration for this event. At least, from a non-debater's POV :D

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