Summer Time Prep?

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What do you guys do to prep for speech and debate during the summer? Do you swear by camps? Do you prefer to go it alone? Do you wait until the last few weeks of summer to start, live speech/debate the whole time, or wait until school starts?

Share what you do with us!

I went to a summer speech camp once to learn new skills, try a new event, and hopefully find a good starter piece for the season. If you can afford it, a camp might be worth your time.

I also used to just start looking for a piece on my own a week or so before school started. Tried to be prepared.

My duo partner and I used to get together before school began to try to find/cut a piece that would work for us.

Really though, I was kind of lazy with my OO and would start working on that when the team got back together a few weeks prior to the first competition.

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