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Hey y'all,
SO I'm doing an HI this year and using the 90's horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer. It was the worst thing in the WORLD to cut, but now I'm working on adding in a scene right before the murdering starts to happen (hilarious, I know). SO basically the way I took it is the 3 teens are driving home from a party, hit a guy, and throw him off a bridge to keep their college scholarships and he comes back 1 year later from the dead to exact his revenge. I want to have a scene where they talk to his sister a year after his death and she describes this elaborate story to them on how her brother died, and they don't get that THEY killed him till later, which is the joke. The problem I'm running into is with creating a place for them to meet the sister in a non-awkward way. If anyone has any ideas on a way to subliminally show the audience where they are, or any ideas on where they COULD BE leading up to meeting the sister would be greatly appreciated.
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